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Edinburgh GT

Generic write up for a few forums so some blindingly obvious details in here, but will just post it all as is.

So I slightly tweaked my list again for another tournament, but largely unchanged. For the comp junkies this was UK SCGT comp which basically caps your additional power dice at +d3 (or two) plus channels. 90 shot cap and that's about it. The important thing is it's 6 battleline (so I have zero standards in the army) and a 20-0 scoring system with +150vps steps per point. (so 1500vps up = 20-0)

2 lvl 4's nehek&light, lvl 1 light - Scroll & sceptre of stability (+1d6 to a failed dispel roll)
10 archer, champ & muso
20 archers, muso
7 chariots, muso
4 snakes - champion
2 x sphinx - fiery roar

G1 John Harper (DE)
Lord – Cold One, +2S sword, pendant
BSB – ASF (maybe the unit? Dunno banner costs)
Lvl 4 shadow, lvl 2 metal, lvl 2 fire – stabby dagger, scroll +1 DD
2x10 xbows, 20xbows, 5 harpies, 2x5 dark riders.
8 CO - +1Attack banner, muso

John is on a challenge to play a different army at every tournament and took the opportunity for a round 1 grudge with someone he knew to try and learn the DE which he’d picked out a hat! Not an entirely standard DE list but plenty of common themes, I’d actually suggested the knight bus to him (so only myself to blame!). My only tactic vs the bus was delay it and hope I could get lucky and kill off the rest of his army before it killed mine. So I threw a necrosphinx at it early to try and kill the bsb for some points early on (he failed only doing 1 wound) and let my snakes go after his archmage’s archer block. The hydra got pinned by a sphinx and they both chumped it up for ages until finally I got 1 wound to his zero and a breaktest worked out! Eventually I manged to do what I’d set out and killed off everything but the knight bus, pendant lord and 1 unit of archers but lost a fair amount of mine in return netting a 14-6.

G2 Owen Bell (Empire)
Pope, Lvl 4 fire, BSB, Engineer
48 halberds, 6 archers, 10 huntsmen,
2x5 knights, 2x5 pistoliers
2 cannons, Mortar, Steam tank

Oh dear, cannons. Actually was looking ok, I got some decent matchups in deployment, got lucky on some terror and magic early to clear out the huntsmen and a pistolier unit early. Unfortunately Owens T1 he dropped a mortar on my heirophants head and I failed the look out sir roll. 3 wound later I started my crumble tests. At that point I knew I had to commit so everything went forwards, necrosphinx at the lvl 4 in the halberds and everything else forwards. Casket decided to blow up turn 2 taking out a sphinx that had been cannoned already, then other sphinx got cannoned and necrosphinx died to combat res. Rest killed as much as they could but everything bar 2 chariots died in the end. 2-18 loss.

G3 Annie Norman (VC)
Necro lvl 4, necro lvl 2, wraith, banshee
3 x 20something zombies, 30 ghouls, 30 grave guard
2 x 6 crypt horrors, 3 x2 bats, spirit host
Mortis engine

Mega T1 magic phase saw me blow the grave guard down to 5 models, unfortunately also blew up my lvl 4 on light who fell down a pit. Stopped as much raising as I could then put the necrosphinx into the graveguard with 2 ethereals in it. After all the attacks and crumbles left the banshee on 1 wound as the only thing remaining so the sphinx was pinned, 1 more wound and that was an overrun into the lords bunker, ohhh so near! Another sphinx had gone for the combo charge and failed so it got pinned by a spirit host. So now I was in real trouble as I could do nothing about those two. Necrosnakes went on a rampage but unfortunately so did annies second unit of crypt horrors so we both ended up smashing off our respective mage bunkers but annie had split her 2 characters by then so not much crumbled end of the game I’d killed a few units of zombies, the grave guard, lvl 4 necromancer and some crypt horrors but lost most of my army with just 2 sphinxes hanging around on a couple of wounds and the snakes I could only hold on for a 6-14 loss.

G4 Jay Knight
Grey seer on bell, BSB, chieftain, warlock eng (doomrocket)
40 stormvermin
3 x 40 clanrats, 2 PWMs
2 doomwheels

Jay was hungover to hell and his army was a bad matchup against mine for him, this was further made difficult when I killed a doomwheel turn 1 with the casket. That was the start of the end really as he’d gone with plague and as a result had nothing really to deal with the sphinxes apart from an 11-12 result on the bell (he never rolled above a 7 on three dice). The snakes got into the 2nd doomwheel due to a bad distance roll putting it a bit too close and -1S&T followed by WS10 meant they chopped it up. My whole army then piled into his blocks and the stormvermin eventually killed one sphinx with blessed with filth but the rest stomped all over his army leading to a T5 concession before I could declare 3-4 charges into the bell unit. 20-0

G5 Trev Moffat (WoC)
Disc Lord, bsb horse, mage horse
18 HW&S Tzeench Warriors – rapt standard, 12 Halberd Warriors Banner of Rage
12 marauders, flails, 2x5 dogs
2 chariots, 7 knights
Hellcannon, Warshrine

Typical game between me and trev, a bit close, we’ve played countless practice games in the run up so both knew each others armies. I think trev stuffed up his deployment a bit compared to normal and isolated his knights. Therefore I went for the big risky charge with my necroserpents and a sphinx only to get a rather lucky failed fear test from the sphinx making them WS1. The knights then butchered a few and ran them down, on the otherside of the board trev was failing charges every turn despite small numbers needed so I managed to delay everything enough that my lvl 4 on light could do a runner and only had to immolate a chariot in order to get to some safety (well relative safety given he had to suck up a 2d6 S4 burning gaze on the final turn, true to form trev fluffed his dice and left me on 1 wound). I also got jammy to kill the chaos lord, he took 1 wound from the casket spell, then was in combat, but he overran into my casket who got WS10, I10 and -1 to hit on them so a guard survived to chip a wound off before dying and the explosion of the casket killed the lord! So basically I diced him up good and proper to not lose about 500vps in the last turn! 10-10

G6 Marco
Prince, lvl 4 shadow, lvl 2 high, BSB
28 Seaguard, 2 x 10 archers
5 shadow warriors, 18 white lions, 14 sword masters
2 bolt throwers

Marco should have realised this game was going to go wrong when he won the roll for the first turn (he’d not done it all tournament). 5 spells on shadow and no pit saw me a happy man! A bit of shuffling, magic (not much) some shooting and a couple of my chariots died. In return I removed 1 bolt thrower with the casket and 10 archers with banishment followed by some shooting. Marco’s dice went down from there. The lvl 4 miscast on 2 dice, blew himself up and took most of the sword masters out as he went just as they charged a sphinx which was chomping the white lions. They did enough to kill it but then got a necrosphinx in to them with only 4 guys and a bsb left. He ate the bsb, stomped the unit and overran into the 6 remaining white lions. From there it was just clean up. Apparently I cast in the region of 30 spells without miscasting (admittedly most on 2 dice, and several on 1). Again dice helped me out but it was always a reasonable matchup for me as I play the HE often and the best thing against sphinxes is lots of magic missiles which he lacked. 19-1

Overall I came 7th (of 28) tied for TPs with 6th but behind on BPs. I was 4th most vps scored at the event showing the 'smash em up' nature of the list.

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