Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Woop woop! - Skaven army complete

2400pts of skaven now complete, I started on these guys 18 months ago and in that time have now finished off 4 armies to add to my existing dwarfs!

Feb 2011 - first outing of the WE (started around 4 years before then shelved for ages)
April 2011 - first outing of the lizards (only 2000pts but scaled up to 2400 quickly, started march 2010)
Aug 2011 - Tomb Kings to the ETC (<2m start to finish)
March 2012 - Skaven (18m start to finish)

So that's me now hit 5 of the 16 Warhammer armies.  3 More to come and it's decision time again, empire are tempting me so think I'll stick with that, but there's a lot of temptataion out there!  Should maybe go for a quick fix of a smaller model count army but instead I've lined up empire, O&G and Dark Elves for the next three...

I think I'll keep doing what I did with most of the last few armies and paint a few units from each overlapping each other as I'm in no real requirement to get them finished to give me a playable army now I've got 5 to pick from already.

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