Sunday, 22 April 2012


My TK made the big trip down and have enjoyed much Zappa fun through day 1, lots of nice squishy targets presented themselves and obligingly jumped under my sphinxes feet!

Game 1 - Dave Meechan with dark elves (17-3)
Game 2 - Matt Lee Daemons (5-15)
Game 3 - Danny Pegg high elves (17-3)

The daemons was a great unclean one who I just couldn't fight as bale sword just chopped through all my big constructs and my Mage miscast and fell down a pit to remove my last chance of doing anything.

The elves were both subject to magic missile barrages and the shooting had plenty of good targets which forces them to commit and the sphinxes started to smash things up.

Day 2 beckons.

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