Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 2

And I continued my seesaw journey!

Game 4 - rob farmer wood elves
Strange build with eternal guard, 2x5 treekin. I played it all wrong and overestimated 2 sphinx into the treekin, they killed 2 over 4 turns of combat. Should have put all 3 into the eternal guard and just ridden out the treekin counter charges. Lost 0-20

Game 5 -Joel Smith Dark Elves
Nice dragon list & cold one bus. Did my usual thing and necrosphinx goes for the Bsb and other 2 sphinx front stuff up. Chariots on shooting duty for dark riders. Basically get a bit lucky when I killed the hydra and the dragon panicked. Necrosphinx also fought of flank & rear charge from xbows and spears with a big thunder stomp followed by 2 failed break tests. Over the rest the dragon comes back and gets into the character bunker but WS10 & shems lead to a fluffed turn and the dragon flees again with me 1" behind and my turn next. I run him down for 800pts swing. I was very lucky and he wasn't being the real difference. I won 18-2

Game 6 - James knight daemons
The dice gods turned back on this one and I didn't get a stomp above 2 and the key turn he hit 6 of 9 wards for the blood letters to survive which cost my chariots and heirotitan. Then it all collapsed from there, fun game though for 1-19 in the end. Snakes surprised him when they chomped 5 fiends in 3 rounds of combat but I botched the reform and let him escape a counter charge. But snakes have done that for me every time they play fiends, so knew it was in my favour.

Overall 58/120 was disappointing as thought 60 was achievable and but for some bad play would have been a reality.

Great fun event and a nice one to finish up my month of play with.

Unless I have to play 6 nations that's me done for the year and probably going to focus on building and painting the next few armies I want.

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