Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Orcs & Goblins Progress

I'm working off second hand models (ebay for mucho cheapness),so whilst it's 'painted' in the starting pic none of the original paint remains on the finished model.

Quite happy with how the test skull pass gobbos came out, then set them aside for a while to basically have a month off painting whilst did some real life stuff and play lots of tournaments.  Now finally getting back to them and to get myself inspired I decided to do something a bit fun first.  So I cleaned the mould lines off 80 night gobbo that were in various stages of being painted but none had the lines removed first (typical 2nd hand cheapo figs).

That got me a bit bored so I dug out something slightly better to start with in the form of a doom diver picked up in a bit of a state, so I'd ripped it apart and removed all the excess glue and mould lines then just stuck it back together again.  Fortunately the paint on it was actually quite thin so I didn't feel the need to strip it.

And my finish point:


Again happy with how my scheme came out, was pretty quick to paint and I think looks nice for the level of effort. 

Of course having just listened to the latest heelanhammer episode I'm singled out as someone that just churns out armies as a basecoat & dip merchant, slightly hurtful given the fact my armies usually look better than the majority of those at tournaments, but agree that obviously no effort for those 'best painted' awards.  What I have always said I'd do is get to the point where I can put any army of my choice on the table at an event and then I'll sit down and set about improving what I've got.  Only being 32 I reckon I can achieve this quite comfortably before my eyesight goes so will have plenty of time to improve the standard of these armies at my leisure.

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