Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Painting Update

So I've not really kept the painting side of this blog up to date.  Not really sure what the best approach to take is.  Generally I post all my figs onto a number of forums for general feedback so adding them on here (where I don't even know if anyone really looks) is worth it.

On a separate issue around the look of my blog, it is intentionally utterly minimalist and intended to look as close to a boring work document as possibly purely because I spend most of my time writing these things during work hours, even if it is lunchtime I don't particularly want to splash massed images and colours across my screen to draw attention to what I'm doing not being work.  But I might have a go at slightly improving the utterly minimalist approach I've taken.

So purely because I'm talking about my painted figs I'll firstly plug my favourite painting site: www. thepainteddragon.co.uk/forum/
As I say all my figs tend to get put on this page and they're a brilliant friendly bunch who'll give you genuinely helpful feedback but with very little of the negativity that tends to permeate the Internet.

As a final sign off here's my latest couple of additions to the Skaven all painted up
Skaven Hellpit Abomination

Skaven Plague Furnace

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