Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Slow few weeks

Hit another hobby slowdown period, it was called February! In total I managed to get through 11 figures but that was all bigger stuff so not too shabby I suppose.  Slightly rushed my Collodi Crew so could be going back there at a later date but will do for now, still not put them on the table yet though.

March is looking like it'll be a more productive month as I've got a furnace built and the wood painted, I've built an Abomination and have plans of how I want to paint it, I've also build and undercoated 28 empire knights and constructed a load of other empire stuff.

The Empire was a bit of a surprise project, they were something that never massively appealed to me but as I always wanted to do all the armies I'd obviously have to pick them up at some stage.  As it happens I got a few bits in a sale pre christmas time which set me down the route of looking into them and with rumours of a new book on the horizon what better time to start buying stuff up.

So I've now got:
Wizards x 3
Priests x 2
Archlector on alter
25 Knights
3 mounted chatacters - BSB, hero and Priest (bits bash knights kit)
10 Pistoliers
2 cannons
2 Mortars (same kit just builit the frame part required from balsa wood)
Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Basically all I need are the compulsory core halberds & swordsmen and I'll be good to go with a complete army, well barring the steam tank, flagellants and other fun bits.

So this seems to have jumped the queue ahead of the O&G army I was planning.  Not a bad thing as it should get me up and running again with painting, similarly it's jumpstarted my urge to do the skaven again.  Having got so close to a working army I really should finish them off, at present it's 260 troops and nothing to go with them, well I'm working up 10 giant rats for the complusory rat dart deployment drops, add the furnace, Abom and I'd best do a WLC to complete the absoultely TM tournament army other than characters.  From there I'll be able to paint things at my leisure though there are 40 stormvermin that I really wnat to get built up but we'll see!

On the gaming front Feb saw the Falkirk Free for All tournament where I rocked out the TK to much enjoyment and mediocre success, but had such a good time playing them I just wish I could flex the list a little more, points are just too tight so can't quite squeeze in what I want at 2400 (basically min core & all the big beasties prevents me shuffling points around much).

Also played a couple of games of malifaux - Zoraida vs Von Schill, sat at 1:1 but just realised we played the scenario wrong on the one I lost so claiming a moral victory...  The game I won I finally rocked out the twins to give Z some hitting threat, and wow is it good.  Until now I've been forced to mess with my opponents crew because obeying my guys didn't achieve much but with Schill doing his WP bubble it generally meant either burning stones or winning initiative and going first with Z.  Not idea.  The twins make a seriously big impact on the playstyle so really enjoyed throwing them out there.

Next up for the neverborn I'll really need to send Dreamer or Collodi out for a test run, but still not picked up any daydreams so guess Dreamer is on the shelf till then.

Anyways here's to hoping the painting picks back up again and the next tournament is 31 March in Edin so nice local WFB goodness to come.

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