Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hobby Stats - Scary Reading

I've been tracing an increased number of hobby stats this year, last year I just did the number of painted models and tournament games, this year I've been tracking all games, painted models and hobby expenditure.

Can you guess which of those three items has proved to be the scary reading?  No prize for guessing I'm afraid but so far this year I've spent >£700 on toy soldiers, terrain, rulebooks, paints & accessories and tournament fees.

Looking back at this objectively I do have more or less 3 new armies to show for that spend, so not entirely wasted but I've not really started painting much of it yet.  So think I'll try and put all purchasing on hold until I get this lot painted up.  I'll probably allow myself the occasional purchase for models to round out the armies as and when I get what I have of armies finished up (I just did this with my Skaven but admittedly the purchases were an abomination and a furnace so £60 worth of 'rounding out').

This all feeds back into my intent to own a painted version of every single army for WFB.  The Skaven (which aren't quite done yet but very close) takes me to 5.  I've then purchased my next 3 - DE, Empire and Orcs & Goblins.  I think I'm going to do Empire first and hopefully get a chunk done before the army book gets released though current rumours seem to suggest April, so don't imagine I'll get close to an armies worth being done by then.

My ambitious project is therefore continuing well so I'm quite happy with that.  My one concern is will I actually enjoy playing these armies!  Skaven having put all this effort into painting them up don't actually interest me that much to play on the table in the normal build people use at tournaments.  But that's what I've painted largely driven by my ETC commitment. In the middle of last year it was looking like we wouldn't have a Skaven player so I thought I'd best cover that base, we now have 3 available!

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