Monday, 6 February 2012

New Blood

Got a chance to do one of my favourite things down the club on Wed, a game in against a new player.  He'd played Warhammer back in 4th Ed days and had just come back, at the time of our game had played 3 times.

I love these games for a few reasons, firstly the pressure is right off, no massively tactical thinking, no pressure situation before calling my movement phase at an end and you can actually just relax into the game.  Secondly I get to show off my rather encyclopedic rules knowledge, sad and geeky it may be but I'm pretty good with the rules and seldom come up with a wrong answer, though the occassional blank!

Anyway game was great fun.  He had a semi nasty skaven army but with a couple of soft options that I could take advantage of, plus he didn't know the army very well so made a few rookie mistakes.  Ended up a draw due to a rather massive brainfart on my behalf.  I forgot that a doomwheel can still shoot when it rallies and had my dragon as the closes thing at that point.  3 S8 zaps later and one dead dragon and rider, oops!

Still my army did pretty much what it does and cleared up his flanks (2 x doomwheels, 2 x 3 ratogres, 2 WFTs and the treekin did a number on his characters.  He didn't see me throwing a longish charge into the front of his stormvermin block with greyseer and engineer in the front.  3 attacks on the engineer failed to kill him but the 6 took out the grey seer netting me magical parity and a lot of points! Treekin then ground the stormvermin till T6 due to passing 3 breaktests needing a 5 or less (a tad lucky but the bsb was giving rerolls each time to help out a little).

Anyway great game, great guy and hopefully will be back for more as always nice to get fresh people involved.

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