Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

Ok it's a few days late but I've finally gotten round to writing something!

In typical fashion lets open with a review of last year:
Played 10 tournaments (51 games) with a 22-5-24 record, every army except lizards was a losing record but only by small margins so given I was using Dwarfs, TK and WE I'm quite happy with that.

Painted 537 models, a ridiculous tally that saw me complete 3 armies and get most way through a 4th one.

Last years resolutions:
Paint my WE and use in tournaments - Success
Paint my malifaux crew, Now have 4 painted - Success
Avoid buying any more armies until I'd finished the ones I had - Spectacular fail, model collection went through the roof with the skaven purchases I made and have loads of spares I'm never likely to use left over.
Some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

This years resolutions:
Finish painting another 3 warhammer armies - Skaven & 2 others (likely to be an all plastic army - daemons, Empire, Ogres all possibles).
Fully paint all remaining Malifaux figures (remains of 1 crew and ~6 other figs)
Avoid playing netlist armies - probably requires expanding my TK.

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