Monday, 23 January 2012

Finally painted something worthy of putting on the blog.

My last few months have been all about batch painting vast numbers of models.  Whilst this is great for getting things done, it doesn't really give me much to show off about.  Sure you painted 240 models but they all look a bit meh, nobody really cares.

So when I burned out painting them I fell back on my Woodies, this also fits nicely with an upcoming tournament where I'll be able to run them out for a bit of fun with a nice fluffy build using all the stuff people normally avoid and refusing to use any glade guards.

The one thing I wanted to do more than anything was run my Dragon, but that build also requires a BSB on an Eagle which I've never painted, and also requires my rider for the dragon to be painted!

So I painted one!

The original model is standing and has 2 swords in his hand and comes from the Skarloc's WE archer box (from 3rd edition times).  I bent the legs (model is 20ish years old so nice soft metal with plenty of lead in it), then snipped off the 2 swords and drilled through the hands.  The BSB banner pole is a paperclip with a couple of layers of liquid green stuff on top to bulk it out and give it some definition and then the banner top from the glade guard box. 

The spear is from the glade rider/glade guard kit.  The spear had the tip snapped off and fed through the hand which I'd drilled out, then I attached a sword from a champion hand from one of the gladerider/glade guard boxsets as the tip.  Eagle is just a warhawk with the standing hole greenstuffed up.

Super happy with how he came out.

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