Monday, 16 January 2012

Terraclips - what a fantastic product.

So I've had 2 boxes of terraclips sat in my cupboard for about 3-4 months and finally got round to cracking them out for a game over the weekend.  I used the sewers set just to make a bit of a building. Stuff works really well, it's incredibly simple to put together structures and they're good and sturdy.  Plenty of options for walkways and doorways which allows plenty of options to break up line of sight but not just end up with cordoned off rooms.

The stuff to the right of the area is the leftover bits.  From the tapemeasure you can see it's 18" across so those of you who know malifaux can quickly work out 4 x the structure I've built will give you a completely covered board.  Which is kinda impressive.  So to go multi level and cover a whole board probably takes 3 kits, but 2 should give coverage and a couple of structures.

Onto the game itself I played Zoraida vs Von Schill on a shared line in the sand.  I was attacker and took 3 silurids, 1 stiched and a wicked doll on the basis of they're generally what I had to hand and were painted so fitted well into 25 SS with 2 SS left.  Opposite was VS, 2 Freidcorps, Trapper, specialist and Librarian giving 4 SS.  Rather than taking simple schemes I was trying mixing it up to see how I'd do at some of the others.  I discoverd that vs Von Schill I really don't want requirements to kill his crew, with him and the librarian kicking around they are a tad difficult, particularly vs Willpower requirements as he kept bubbling the +4WP.  I had kill the 2 FK and the trapper and get into his deployment zone (announced).  He had Bodyguard (snore) and holdout (unannounced). 

First flip of the game I got initiative and first query came up.  Are henchment when used instead of masters able to be targetted by Zoraida's Obey? We decided for simplicity I couldn't so I had LoS to his trapper and had him ding VS for 4 wounds, nice start!  Then the librarian healed him straight back up by a couple of wounds (boo).   [have now looked it up on the wyrd site and we played it correctly, henchmen as masters count as masters so can't be obeyed].

That was followed by a couple of turns of him shooting me and me activating dynamite.  A miscommunication lead to me moving my stitched into range of his trapper so I lost him a bit cheaply and as he had the +4WP bubble it was never going to achieve much anyway but the LoS block would have been nice.

Game went on and my silurids were forced into the open because the terrain layout and I want to try and put pressure on him, unfortunately the guns coming back the otherway overpowered me and all three died for the loss of only his specialist, at this point I had zoraida and 2 dolls. with 2 turns left.  I succeeded in killing the specialist and the librarian (neither of whom got me VPs) and he was able to move onto all my markers and disarm in the last turn.

A frustrating game but I know how I'd play it differently now.  I thought I'd put the kill minions mission on his weaker stuff, but then focussed all my attacks on his specials because they were doing the damage to me, so if you need to kill someone anyway you might as well focus on them! Other than that I should have just ignored the fight, kept up my soft cover from shooting defense on the silurids and kept arming tokens.  That would have stretched him towards the open ground where zoraida could control him.  Admittedly testing for obey on an average -4 was costing me dearly on soulstones.

Game ended up 0-6 and a big loss. (sadface!).

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