Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bang! Ouch that's my head.

Yup that bang was the sound of me hitting the wall hard.  Since turning out my first 10 gutter runners on the 12th I've managed to paint the basecoat grey on 10 more and base the flesh on 5 of those.  If you could hear the sound of the gears grinding to a halt it wasn't good.

So what has caused this stop?  Hard to say really, just motivation doing it's usual thing.  I've written about this before and it really does come down to the desire to paint.  But as one door closes another door opens.  I built up my terraclips terrain for the first time over the weekend and I went back to my WE and built a couple of treemen and am also putting together 4 treekin.  These are models I've had kicking around for ages so was just a random spur that made me decide they were where I wanted to focus.  To go with them I've also picked up a couple of projects that had sat unloved for a while, so the WE BSB on an eagle also went back on the table and I converted up a rider model with a flag and a spear as I'm planning to run him with that build.

Interestingly exactly as this happened to me I noticed another gamer on Twitter having exactly the same issue with a skaven army but he's trying to push through it and was complaining about really just not liking the army as a result.  That is exactly why I didn't want to try and force it.  I did it with the WE a couple of years back and it resulted in me dropping them for over a year as I just couldn't face them.  Since then I've always targetted multiple projects rather than trying to push through with one which I was losing interest in.

On the buying front I've picked up my first purchases of 2012.  Not stuff I really need but some offers I saw going to get the bulk of an Orc army together for pretty cheap so I just jumped in.  £90 later I have the pretty solid basis of what most tournament orc armies seem to be running. 30 savage orcs, a buttload of night gobbo archers, a rock lobber and a couple of shamen. Just need to get a couple of doom divers, a mangler or two and a couple of chariots & wolf riders.

Also priced up the rest of what I fancied for the generic tournament DE build.  Not that it's what I want to run, but just to see the cost!

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