Thursday, 15 December 2011

Winter Incursion

So I took my filthy Lizards to Winter Incursion which ended up being a 108 player event held at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, England.   A bit of a treck to get to but thankfully Will had offered to do the 6 hour drive.

Dirty death magic lizards as I'd been using for the last while, this was my first real chance to show just exactly how horrible they are and true to form they didn't disappoint.  I ended up coming 18th of 108 players which was by far my best result and has to be attributed to the army power.

My 6 games were:
Ogres, DE, WoC, Daemons, Lizards and Lizards

After round 1 I was playing on the top 20 tables all weekend and went 4-1-1 with my loss being to the WoC.  The scoring system was 5000vps with your total score being determined by the vp difference deciding on a W/l/d total (big win was 2500) to which you added your vps scored.  So the loss I decided to try something risky, made a stupid mistake but ended up scoring as many points as had I just sat back and it been a draw.

6 new opponents including finally getting in a game vs Andy Potter, one of my fellow team scotland players from the last couple of years, he was the one with the WoC army too.  I'm glad I got the chance to play him as he's off travelling for a few months so not likely to see him for quite some time.

All in all a good event that was only slightly soured by my final game which only made it to T4 and was a bit niggly, opponent was very focussed on trying to get a good result rather than just having a good game so wasn't as much fun as could have been.

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