Thursday, 17 November 2011

I hate dice

Seriously my game last night the dice were going crazy.

1150pts for the campaign WE vs Ogres.

Diagonal deployment I have to set up first, only lose 1 unit which should really have been 2 on averages so started up!  After that though...

Magic - First spell, dispelled, 2nd spell 3 dice = irresistable and lose all 3 mage levels...
Shooting - 8/10 hits for my first few bunches of shots, 3 wounds caused from 30 archers.  HoD arrow rolls up a total of 4 shots and then proceeds to only wound with 1 of those that hit.

Basically this continued for most of the game barring one stand and shoot which caused 5 wounds from 10 shots but then in combat over 4 round 10 elves couldn't cause a single wound to the last remaining maneater until they were all killed.

My dispelling I missed dispelling 3 spells due to the Ogres +1 for casting multiple spells in a turn and the forest i needed to hide my dryads in for stubborn decided to be a blood forest, cause a load of wounds to my stuff then moved perfectly off the dryads so they were no longer stubborn.

Basically I came away thinking this game is utter garbage.  I should just run an army with lots of the hardest combat troops I can get my hands on and not bother with any kind of tactics because none of it mattered.

Play wise I think I out played him. My dryads blocked him up in a forest, I pinned him for a turn as he didn't want to chage due to the wild form (remember diagonal deploy meant he started very close to me so this was my T1). I then maneuver to get a unit in his flank and unit in his rear, so he just passes the march block and moves 12" away and I fail my charge rolls to rear charge him needing a 7 on the dice and he powers off into the heart of my archers.

Also fecking me off was my opponent running 7 Iron guts & Butcher with the +1ld banner and stubborn crown, now stubborn did nothing but the ld8/9 whichever it is takes away the only weakness of that unit I could possibly exploit.

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