Thursday, 10 November 2011

DWARF - Winter War Charity Event

So we've rolled round to November and for the first time ever I'm actually going to manage to make a local tournament that isn't at my own club!  You'd think 2.5 yrs of tournament gaming I might have managed to make something in Scotland but no.

The event is a 1 day, 3 game max 50 players event and it's currently got 48 but just saw another possible sign up today so seems it might max out.  Restriction wise it's very light touch, ie no comp at all, only hero level special characters are alowed but otherwise it's 2400pts of all out nastiness.

So what to take, well having bumbbed about with dwarfs, WE and TK for a while I've finally decided to go for my lizzies.  And  my god is there a power difference in those books.  List isn't optimised I don't think but it's massively hard,  taking a slann with all the toys for 535pts and a bunch of other characters, basically it means I've got a hell of a lot of safe points in the army unless people are able to snipe them out. 

I've been running the slann on death magic, the sniper spells tend to frustrate your opponent as the tough decision is toss dice at it or chance a lucky dice roll taking off their characters because so few people build their armies to combat it.  Plus if you get lucky you can get all your dice back when you do cast a spell!

But the lore lacks any good zappy spells for targetting infantry, after a rather brutal game against a WoC list where his wards held up all game and I didn't snipe a single character (did kill 2, 1 with shooting, ran 1 down who fled) I decided a couple of skink priests on heavens means a quite high chance of getting thunerbolt, chain lightning or comet All of which are good against troops so give me something benificial to the list.

The other change was to drop the second skink-krox unit, they are fantastic when combined with light magic but with death there are no synergies, so I'd rather have more chaff shooting away where possible, plus chaff just frustrates people which is always nice.  That dropped me to 2 blocks and as blood and glory is a scenario I added in a unit of 10 ranked skinks with a standard who's job will be to standin a back corner and try not to die!  With the slann holding 3 breakpoints I only really need one other unit to ensure I'm above and best it's not one I'd ever consider fighting with!

There were a few posts asking about the power level for this tournament.  I'd describe a number of the players as taking very hard armies.  I know there will be Daemons, WoC and DE players who will have pretty much maxed out lists (I've played 2 of them already), so that's the level I'm looking to compete with.  I've surfed mid table mediocrity for quite some time now, it would be good to see if I can mix it with the big boys but I have sold my soul to a filthy list in order to do so!

So the question I'm asking myself now is do I really want to go down that road?  For those that follow the scene there is a rankings website which tracks how everyone is doing relative to each other in the UK.  Scoring is based upon everyones top 4 events, with a max score of 100pts for 5 game+ events with 60+ players, it gets pro rated below that, so at 3 games and 50 players even winning the event won't get me a max score.  Add to that the whole thing of 'who cares?'.  And to be honest other than as a bit of a laugh with some mates the usual answer is - nobody.  But I do wonder if the additional thing of being an ETC player but ranked way way outside where most of them are makes me think I should really show that, actualy, yes I am ok at this game.

Anyway my list is written, the fun is there to be had.  Fingers crossed I don't ruin anyones days (there was a suspicion I somewhat upset someone at the forgotten heroes event, oops!) and I get to play some toy soldiers.

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