Tuesday, 6 December 2011

25% off sale

I've been doing a bit of shopping recently what with OG having a 25% off on all carrying stock sale.
Ended up buying:

2 x 5 DE cold ones
3 x 16 DE spears/Xbows
1 x 10 Savage Orcs
1 x 10 Black Orcs
2 Empire Cannon/Mortars
1 x 8 Knights
1 x 5 Pisotliers/outriders
1 x 2 battle wizards
2 x 20 Stormvermin
1 Doomwheel

Already have 5 pistoliers, 20 free company, warrior priest and some other bits and bobs so all of that gives me a decent chunk of an empire army and a DE army to work on after my Skaven.
The Orc stuff was just random to check out the kits, but I'll probably turn the Black Orcs into Dragon Ogres using some of my spare lizzies cold one models. 

Also picked up some Tau Kroot which I'm going to have a look at turning into plaguebearers to expand out a daemon army from my old slannesh stuff.

Once again I've totally blown my 'paint what you buy' stats but on the plus side I've painted 500+ models so far this year, so not as though I'm slacking in that regard.

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