Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dreadfleet & other stuff

I picked up dreadfleet from GW on the basis of they seldom made a bad game.  I've not played it yet so can't comment upon that but got round to clipping it all off the sprue and gluing it together yesterday.  The figures all look pretty nice, not the most amazing thing I've ever seen but for what they are I don't have a problem at all.

Most peoples gripe seems to be the price.  Given you're getting 10 ships, plus the rules plus some terrain I don't really see £70 as a ridiculous pricetag.  But I can see how younger hobbiests who don't have the disposable income I've got might be put off.  It seems that they haven't flown off the shelves in the same way that space hulk did, probably because a) it wasn't as well anticipated/marketed b) It's not a reworking of an old favourite and c) the figs don't look quite as stunning.

Speaking of space hulk I've still only played it whice and painted zero of the models.  I should really put it up for sale on Ebay to cash in the upside of the game but the terminators are a tad too nice for me to want to part with despite my not playing 40k at the moment.

Other stuff, I've updated my Malifaux pages with most of the latest additions to my crews, still missing a few which I'll need to get pictures taken but I have to say for a game I've only played properly about 4 times it's got me hell of  a captivated.

Warhammers - I've been churning out Skaven, now at 80 clanrats and 40 slaves with another 40 slaves only a couple of steps from completion, think I've now worked out the correct approach to painting these guys with the most efficient manner.  Hopefully get the army out on the table at some point next year but I'm really looking to get the WE going again but TK keep tempting me and the lizards too.  Damn you temptation!

WE are going to be used in a club campaign which kicks off this week, starting at 1000pts and building from there.  There are a few restrictions in place to prevent some of the worst excesses but the biggest limitation is the 'don't be an idiot' request.  I've gone for a fairly balance list with a bunch of archers and some dryads.  Deciding between either a mage or a hero for my general is the hardest part.

Lizards are getting a run out in a couple of weeks at a tournament, will be going with the death slann again along with all the usual lizard nastiness.  Just a 1 day event with 3 games of no comp 2400pts nastiness!

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