Monday, 14 November 2011

DWARF Winter War review

My list
Slann, BSB, Loremaster - Death, Rumination, Ethereal, Reroll all miscasts, bane head, feedback scroll, 2+ flaming ward, +1 LD banner

Scar vet - Cold one, LA, +1 to hit sword, charmed shield, potion of strength
Scar vet - Cold one, LA, GW, Venom of firefly (magic & poison attacks), dawnstone, dragonbane helmet
Skink Priest lvl 2, scroll
Skink Priest lvl 2, curse charm (force opponent to reroll 1 miscast)

20 Saurus std, muso
24 skink, 3 krox, FC
10 Skinks, Std & Muso (for blood and glory to sit in a back corner)
10 Skink Skirmishers, Javelins
10 Skink Skirmishers, Javelins
10 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmishers
6 Chameleon skinks
6 Chameleon skinks
3 Terradons
Salamander, extra crew

Reasoning on the list, 2 combaty blocks one of which shoots quite well, a load of chaffy skinks to gun stuff down, slann to zap characters, skink priests to zap heavily armoured stuff

Game 1 Brian - WoC - Battleline
List was
18 Tzeench warriors, shields, FC, 5+ ward vs shooting
45 Khorne marauders, FC, Flails
2 x 5 dogs
30 Nurgle Chosen, FC, Banner of Rage
lvl 4 shadow
lvl 1 tzeench
BSB - no idea
Festus nurgle special character dude - in chosen to give them regen 5+ and for wither & rot combo

T1 Pushes all forwards, gets off withering to drop the skrox to T1, irresistables RgR, I take off the unit, puppets miscast to only kill 3 chosen and wound festus

I try to snipe the Shadow guy who was bane headed both snipes fail (1 dispelled 1 wound from the str one which he warded), I shoot off both dogs units

T2 pushes it all forwards, I stop some spells think he killed some chaff with the 18" d6 sd6 bubble spell.

Snipes fail again, skink priest miscasts with a chain lightning and cascades after the puppet adjusts it down

T3 Same again from him, shut down his magic.

Move slann in range of festus, both scar vets into the tzeench block with lvl 1 & lvl 4, challenge from champion & S7 scar vet takes it so other guy can pummel the lvl 1. Magic, does nothing. Combat, kill his champion and then 3 wounds on lvl 1, 2 x 6+ AS, 1 x 6++ ward and zero wounds caused... I hold in the combat having lost by 1.

T4 khorne guys chage some skinks with over run into front of impassable terrain I flee roll low and he catches me. Nurgle advances forwards. Magic 4 dice wither gets a high roll and I let it go as only 3 dice left, rolls 5 for -3T on my slann & saurus. 3 dice rot, double 6's take the slann & saurus off, miscast loses all levels. Should have scrolled the withering really, my mistake. Scar vets on 2 characters both flub their dice I cause 1 wound he causes 1 to each of mine, Both fail their break tests on a 4 or 5 I think, both low flee rolls both run down (realised this isn't possible now I think about it as can only chase one unit, oops my mistake again).

Skink priest goes for comet at the tzeench guys, goes off but they are able to move away before it lands.

T5&6 He just shuffles around as no combats on any more. I continued shooting on the khorne stuff & shrine as only points left I could possibly get barring a lucky comet/thunderbolt. Irresistable the thunerbolt on 4 dice and puppet makes it cascade, take priest off.

Shoot the warshrine dead and khorne guys down to about 8 but not enough, I get 190 vps for 1-19 loss.

Game 2 Sean - Skaven - Blood & Glory +500vps

Seer on bell, BSB, ~30 stormvermin
Priest on furnace ~45 Plaguemonks
2 x 40 slaves in horde formation
2 x 20 clanrats
2 x doomwheels
2x WLC

Only got 5 turns in and my 5th was about 5 mins long, for an army that needs all 6 to harvest points that's frustrating. One thing he did forget was the MR2 on the bell, I didn't pick it up either so would have had a 2+ ward on his seer against snipes but suspect it wouldn't have mattered in the end.

One question for me to look up, when the bell rings can that move be a charge?

I killed 1 wlc, 1 wheel, Seer & Bell (in T5), 1 slave unit.
He killed skink krox - I fluffed in combat versus slaves for 3 rounds then wheel went in the flank. My error as should have charged the wheel earlier anyway and not left the charge on for the slaves. 1 priest 3-4 units of skinks for a tie.

Most frustrating moment letting plague go on skinks when he 6 diced it and didn't irresitable so I could use feedback scroll, didn't roll a single 5+, good chance of killing his seer right there...

10-10 draw (neither achieved breakpoint)

Game 3 Russell Empire - Capture the objective.

Total mismatch of armies, mine was basically designed to kill his. Skinks death clouded everything, every second artillery dice he rolled was a misfire, think he managed to kill 2 saurus all game or something like that. I sniped off all his characters except the warrior priest but miscast on one spell to lose 3 levels when taking a wound off the tank and lost purple sun just before I was about to cast it on the tank. Knights died to salamanders after fighting through the Skrox and losing a load of them & the character. He had about 8 halberds left & priest and tank at the end of the game. I'd lost the skink krox unit when the tank went in after they had done some grinding on the knights. T6 slann charged the tank to stop it from charging my saurus who were on the objective.

20-0 to me (would have been an 18-2 without the objective)

Overall quite frustrating event given how hard my army was I really expected to do better than 1-1-1 record ending on 31/60.

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