Thursday, 8 December 2011

ELG Campaign Round 3

So round 1 was a beatdown by warriors army after my shooting and magic achieved epic fail

Round 2 was a beadown by Ogres after my shooting and magic achieved epic fail

Round 3 I decided to drop all the shooting and went with the beatstick options from my book

lvl 3 Deepwood sphere, Stone of Rebirth
10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
4 Treekin
1 Treeman

My opponent was HE with
lvl 2 +1 spell, heavens
BSB - Horsie 2+ AS, Magic sword of +2S and D3 wounds vs anything other than infantry, luckstone
3x10 archers
15 White lions
2 eagles
Bolt Thrower

So the BSB was optimised to kill my army, which I only discovered when he solo charged my treekin and ripped 2 off them up with his hits and then ran the other two down.  My mage lord & archers got run down by an eagle in the flank causing no wounds either side and an 11 on my breaktest.  But that was after he buffed up a unit of dryads with +2 toughness and they raged on the white lions, I6, T6 meant that the WLs weren't doing much and I tore up 5-6 per turn.  The treeman's strangle root accounted for about 10 archers, the BSB and the made and he killed the bolt thrower in combat.

All in all it ended up a 104pts victory to me, so woot!

Then got in another intro game of Malifaux, this time it was Victoria with her obvious crew choice of the Victoria's.  Her first game so we ignored scenarios and went with the option of just doing a big fight.  24 stones each side had the Vics box set vs Sonnia 2 x witchlings, 1 x judge, 1 x deathmarshall & 1 austinger.  Basically because that showed a variety of abilities and they specifically wanted the austinger on the board because it looks cool!

Sword Vikki went into combat first after a few pistol shots off each side but we'd missed the better tricks of how to combo the vics up so she did a load of damage to the judge but he was left standing (vics with no stones so couldn't push through the damage), he flurried back and managed to kill her, I'd not realised just how fragile the Vics are.

We then traded various models until finally Sonnia went overkilll with her spells blowing 2 crew members off the board and turning gun vic into a witchling.  I then threw her into combat with the last crew member to let him cut me down but some bad flips resulted in her surviving so I just put up inferno and ended the turn with the 3 wounds being enough to drop the last player leaving me with Sonnia and the witchling which I summoned from Gun Vic.

All in all I think it went quite well as a demo, Victoria took to the game mechanic instantly and got the rules down quickly, so a bit more familiarity with the crew and the abilities and I'd have been smashed I reckon.  I think we've got another regular player likely to be available.  The other thing is Victoria is an amazing painter and her crew looks beautiful.  Really good showcase to have on the board so should help draw some more interest too.

Whilst running there were a couple of other people popped over to watch so hopefully get them hooked in too!

Does mean I'll need to get to work with a few more models, as need to expand up my crews to get some more options to put down on the table.  A Malifaux order I placed months ago finally arrived Maelstrom had been struggling to get some stock in so a bit delayed.  I'd ordered a mix of Guild and Neverborn:
The Twins (Lilu & Lilutu)
Guild Guard
and possibly something else, I forget.

I've also got Collodi and his Marionettes to paint up still so plenty to be going on with.

Finally Jon showed off his Von Schill crew.  I've spoken about Jon's painting a few times, he's the 'I can't paint' player down the club and safe to say I think he's finally getting over it.  The crew have a really solid paintjob on them and he seems incredibly enthused about them.

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