Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Painting slowdown

Having blazed through 100 models in the early part of this month I've now settled into a week of non completeion.  Admittedly it's largely driven by the fact I'm having to build models now.  The next lot of Skaven were all still on the sprue so I spent a fruitful couple of hours clipping all the bits off and segregating the spear arms from the HW&S ones and removing all the excess bits that I won't use.  I've now got a massive bag of 80 IoB clanrats and 80 of the older monkey like models which are slowly being cleaned of all mould lines.

Because of the break in the mass painting I took the time to also clean up my last couple of terradons so they are now fully built, greenstuffed and magnetised.  Unfortuantely I ran out of primer so a slight stumbling block on progress but should get that cleared up tomorrow night.

And finally I spotted a model I'd picked up a while back but then burnt out on my Malifaux stuff before getting to this one.  I promised myself I'd only play with painted models and I'd not buy any further crews until the ones I owned were complete.  But also something about the model just grabbed me.  I knew I was changing paint schemes and I'd not sat down and worked out how I'd do the Guild Guards but I knew I wanted them to look more normal than the specialist crews, less of a bespoke uniform and more like the everyday people.

This weekend sees the 6 nations event in Edinburgh, the cream of the teams from throughout the UK (and France) are coming together to contest the 6 Nations (and really just to practice for the ETC).  Last year this was one of the most enjoyable events on the calender, really chilled out yet competitive gaming.  So good luck to Scotland (who I'm playing for) and the other ragtag contenders (England, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales).  I'll be running my dwarfs and trying to bore 6 opponents into accepting 10-10 draws, fingers crossed my back board edge tactics do me proud.

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