Monday, 6 June 2011

Dip dip dip dip

So the high quality Eldar project has hit my usual stumbling block, I got most of the way through a second vehicle and first squad and lost all interest.  Just goes to show how results focused I am.  I hate not having something to show for it after a few hours work so have set them to one side for the moment and I'm working on various other figs I've got stacking up uncompleted.

Addition 1 - 47 Skaven Slaves, these were done to add to the 40 Island of Blood Clanrats I did last year.
They were bought second hand so came pre assembled and all I had to do was fix up some damage recieved in transit, a few broken tails and arms but nothing to significant.

Quite happy with how they came out, the scheme was designed for the IoB style rats so wasn't sure how it would transfer, thankfully it works ok and they don't look too bland.  Not using brown on the bases is one of the key visual elements of the dipped army.  So I now have something like 300pts worth of painted skave, all that in 90ish models, yikes!

Addition 2 - 31 Saurus
The lizardmen have been languising for quite some time now, but I lent some terradons out over the tempest weekend and got the comment that they were the best painted part of his army! well that was such a nice complement it made me actually want to finish off the army off.  What I'd been putting off was the last bulk painting requirement.  Currently I have 20 saurus with spears and knew HW&S was the way to go these days so decided I'd best knuckle down and build a unit.  I finished cleaning them up last week and then set about getting them painted over the weekend.  Slow progress but I eventually got them all dipped.  Bases have been started for them and some remaining skinks I'd not gotten round to basing up yet.

After that I've just got some metals to finish off:
2 x terradons
3 x kroxigor
12 chameleon skinks
2 x salamanders
and the crew for a stegadon plus the howdah weapons (which will be magnetised to allow all options.

That'll take me up to 3 complete Fantasy armies with the skaven being a mere 200+ models to go!

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