Thursday, 23 June 2011

Malifaux - finally starting to get there

Played a game last night which it finally started to feel like a proper game as understood the scenarios and a bit about my opponents crew and starting to play a bit more tactically.

Game was 25SS Lady J vs Collette
My Crew
Lady J
Executioner (7 SS)
Austringer (5 SS)
3 Death Marshals (12 SS)
+1SS in my pool

2 Corphy
Think he might have miscounted as pretty sure started with more than 3 stones but hardly matters.

Diagonal deployment and the strategies were:
Guild - Plant Evidence
Arcanists - Claim Jump

So quite a good objective as it forced his crew to get to one area meaning if I could boss that area I was likely to win.  Planting evidence is tricky with a rather slow crew but I thought it was achievable.

Guild - Bodyguard (Lady J) and Hold Out
Arcanists - Bodyguard (Collette) and Sabotage
I revealed bodyguard but not hold out and he revealed both. 

Against Collette I really didn't expect to be able to prevent him from doing either of the schemes so knew I was pretty much starting vs 4pts and my only option was to try and prevent him from achieving his strategy.  Because of my speed I didn't think I was likely to achieve all 3 of my objectives and because I wanted to run down his crew to make it harder for him on the claim jump I couldn't just run everyone accross the board or I'd just end up losing 8-7 as I didn't declare the hold out.

T1 He pushed Cassandra right forwards towards his sabotage objective but hid her from LoS.  I was tempted to have a go with the Austringer just to start chiping wounds but thought it was just out the 18" so basically everything just moved up.  Collette did her soul stone routine and started to create doves.

T2 Cassandra completed the sabotage mission and I ran towards my objective markers again, I then set about trying to get some wounds on cassandra but the combination of light cover and her innate abilities meant everything missed.  he pushed up his cophyry to block me getttng to my objective and then joined them together.  My eyes somewhat lit up at this as it was in range of lady J.  Over she charged after activating her sword style with onslaught as I had some high masks in my hand.  Couple of strikes later with no cheating required I had one dead duet, clearly a massive advantage this early in the game. 

T3 Cassandra took revenge for the corphy as I'd forgotten she had blast attacks in her flame breath and she toasted a couple of marshalls I'd left close together, managed to kill one and badly wound another.  We hit a rules query here that I'd not come across before as the fire blast activated her push trigger to put her out of LoS and I wasn't sure which happened first, the trigger or my slow to die, resolved it by flipping cards and she hid before getting shot.  Austringer then put a heap of wounds on her and he was forced to burn a stone to reduce the damage.  Exec onto the other objective, unfortunately it was the last thing he did as he then got turned into a manequin by Collette who hit books everywhere!

T4 initiative agian and tried to kill cassandra with the Austringer before her defenses went up.  Nearly got her but with a stone she was left on 1 wound.  Doves bombed a marshall eventually taking him out and Lady J smashed up the remaining doves and went for an objective, collette created doves and moved onto his objective. Cassandra then activated her sword strike mid move and took down my last marshal.  He went to strike back with his slow to die with a good chance of getting the kill with a decent damage flip.  Unforunately I hit the black joker on the strike and it failed so she got away with it and went into the Austriner.

T5 austringer & J only ones left, I won the initiative and tried to break combat with cassandra, unforunately flipped badly and he burnt a stone to stop me breaking free on my cheat.  He then went for a bash but flipped low damage for zero wounds with a single neg flip. finally he activated J.  It was a toss up, I could have tried to shoot cassandra but instead focussed on my stragety burning one marker and then moving back to the next one.  Cassandara killed the austringer and moved back towards his strategy.

T6 J kills stuff on route to marker and takes it (think I'm a bit mixed up in turns here as she had to blat a few doves and the manequin but still did them and took the marker in T6 then with final move went down to contest the claim jump. Flip gave a T7.

Killed off dove and was forced to charge collette for only chance to win by killing her.  Tried for onslaught as it's my only hope but no masks in my hand meant it was unlikely.  Flipped, cheated, stoned and didn't hit one and collette burnt stones and flipped to end up preventing the strike I think.  Game ends, cassandra moves into contest the objective and he has 2 to my 1 for the max 4 pts.

Game ends 8-5
I got - 2 for plant evidence, 2 for bodyguard, 1 for Hold out
He got 4 for stake clame, 2 for bodyguard, 2 for sabotage

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