Friday, 17 June 2011

Lizards - An end in sight

So this week saw some more lizards hit the painting table.  What should have been 32 Saurus ended up being 31 as I misplaced one prior to undercoating but has since turned up again!

Done in the same quick format as the rest of my army but still a pleasure to paint as it gets so much done so soon.  That leaves me with the following outstanding for the complete army: 12 chameleon skins, 2 salamanders & crew, 3 Kroxigor, 2 Terradons, 1 stegs crew and 2 more mounted scar vet models because I want to do them a bit better than my saurus cav.  Probably want to add 20+ temple guard at some point but don't own the models at present.

Also got a game in at 2000pts, no lords vs Pash's High Elves.  Ended up he was trying something new, a horrible gunline army 80 archers, 4 bolt throwers, 2 eagles and 2 x lvl 2's plus a mounted BSB.  I had wanted to take the lizards but just lacked time to write a list due to work so ended up pulling out an old dwarf list that was compliant with the no lords restrictions.

Unforunately that made it elf gunline vs dwarf army with warmachines.  Basically it's hard not to make a dwarf army a gunline but my two blocks of 35 strong troops tried their hardest!  In short however I proved that templates > arrows.  blew some gaping holes in his army early on and then started to chew up bolt throwers once I took the eagles out.  My combat stuff had mix fortunes.  Unit with BSB in it failled a LD9 with reroll panic test and put themselves out the game but were never going to surrender their points.  Other unit chewed up 2 archer blocks and 2 bolt throwers. 

Pretty straightforward game with a fun opponent but nothing really learned.

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