Thursday, 5 May 2011

Post holiday blues

So I'm sure that everyone in the UK enjoyed the Royal Wedding very much.  I missed it, I was on my way to a stag do where I wrote myself off for the long weekend and felt like death come the end of it!  So one might expect that I didn't achieve very much this weekend past but I did get the opportunity to do a few things.

At the club last week I got a quick game in at 2000pts vs a daemons player.  Again he was off to a tournament with a few special rules so got to experience the joy of a magical change - irresistible needs 3 6’s but still miscast on 2.  We played dispels were on 2 but don't know for sure if that was right or not.  Overall it was a tad unfortunate as it resulted in T2 my mage blew his head off on a spell which didn't even succeed (it was dispelled) and then I had daemons run over the top of me with magic having pretty much no impact.  On first viewing I'm not a massive fan of this rule!

Painting as I say was somewhat limited, but I did put a bit of work on a couple of items.  I'd agreed to paint up a furnace for a skaven player down my club.  He doesn't enjoy painting but I'd convinced him to get a brown spray, can of dip and to get his troops done to a basic standard by showing him how simply it could be done.  This actually worked quite well and he's been cracking through them at a rate of knots. 

What he didn't fancy was doing the big stuff.  So I agreed to take on his furnace as probably the most fiddly thing he needed done (he does have a bell and an abom which are 'sort of' painted and will do for now).  I'd seen them about but never had my hands on the kit, it's actually a really nice model, got to give credit to GW for the quality of their plastic kits as nobody else makes things as nice.  For painting it it had been mostly glued together before I got my hands on it, which isn't ideal, but thankfully the wrecker and crew at the back were unattached.

In typical 'quick paintjob' fashion this was getting some airbrush love for the basecoat and then a tonne of washes and that's about all.

Steps taken
1. Undercoat - white
2. Airbrush wood basecoat using vallejo air range ochre
3. Go away on stag do for weekend, return feeling like death
4. Painted the stone 'field blue' a Coat d'arms colour which is a grey but with a lot of undertones of blue which come out when thinned.
5. Drybrush stone with mix of field blue and dheneb stone
6. Pick out metals with chainmail: dwarf bronze 3:1
7 Wash all wood and metal with devlan mud and let dry (I aided this with a hairdryer)
8. Wash stone and metals with asurymen blue
9 pick out ropes in dheneb stone
10. wash ropes with thinned devlan mud
11. Wrecker ball metals done as above but not washed in devlan and make sure all the smoke trail is still white.  Wash this in thrakka green.
12. Crew colour scheme was provided - red cowl and off coloured cream robes.  Here I had to take a bit of a punt, he had clearly worked over a black basecoat so not really my style,

Robe - I guessed for dheneb stone, washed it down with devlan and highlighted back to dheneb then further with a bit of white mixed in.
Red cowl - Dark flesh basecoat, devlan wash, highlighted back up with scab red.
Fur/skin - graveyard earth, devlan wash, some dwarf flesh/graveyard earth mixed highlights to fleshy areas.

You'll notice everything gets hit with devlan, that was all done as a single step doing usual basecoat, wash, highlight process.

It all then got hit with a layer of gloss and then matt varnish for protection and is ready to hand over.

And finally this morning saw me start looking at colour schemes for my Eldar.  Seeing as I've just started an Epic army I thought I'd best see how that scheme translates.

Looks ok I reckon, but going to try some other things to see as it's a bit simplistic and possibly want to challenge myself a bit more on the larger scale.

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