Monday, 16 May 2011

Eldar goodness continues

I had a slight delay in getting this up due to blogger falling over, but seems to be ok now.

After my sterling start to the Eldar (painting a Guardian) I wanted to test out my scheme on a vehicle and therefore pulled out the airbrush.  It was high time I used this for something a little more sophisticated than base coating so wanted to give this whole blending thing a go and the scheme I’d chosen looks like it would suit it pretty well.

So battered out a couple of coats and got a result I was pretty happy with after some experimentation.  Messed up a few bits but nothing that was too irrecoverable (though a bit of a panic at one stage where I managed to pool an area).  I then set about picking out the detail with the brush which gave me some good practice on gemstones which I reckon are looking decent enough.  Overall I’m quite happy with the end result so definitely full steam ahead for this scheme now. 

Unfortunately the painting challenge doesn’t allow me to claim my Falcon for my painted component until month 4 (only posted once I’d started) so will have to rip through 200pts of something else to get my challenge points which is going to be some Dire Avengers.

I’ve bought a shed load of Elder stuff too.  Incoming are:
3 Warwalkers
1 Wraithlord
2 Fire prisms
7 Fire dragons
3 Wave Serpents
3 Warlocks

All of that gives me the basis of the army I wanted except for the Warp Spiders and Jetbikes.  I think I should be ok for the allowed elements of the painting challenge, as it is Troops, Elites and Fast Attack only for the first couple of months, so painting Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons and Wave Serpents should do the trick nicely.

Something else I looked at this week was my output for the year.  Generally it's been pretty good.  I worked out it's over 150 models I've painted so far in ~5 months.  So greater than 1 per day.  The unfortunate thing is I also counted up the number of models I've purchased and due to a recent splurge on a Skaven army that is in the region of 450 figs...  Somewhat ruins the record for the year and no chance of hitting my 1:1 target.  But if I persevere and only paint up what I've purchased thus far (maybe plus a few jetbikes/warp spiders) I should start to dig into that tally.

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