Wednesday, 27 April 2011

3 Day week at work = not much to do.

Things that have happened on the gaming front.  Finished painting up my 3 warhawks and 2 eagles, just getting the bases sorted out so that I can pop the models on and off the magnets for making transport a little easier.  All riders are magnetised and all fliers are mounted on paper clip metal which attach to the bases via magnets so they can be removed, all in all it makes them a lot simpler to transport and they break far less frequently.

Also worked on the characters a little and found my missing musician so will be able to field the proper command group for my Scarlocks WE archers RoR unit.  Once the army is fully painted I'll be going back and improving the command as they're currently far substandard to the rest of the unit due to painting constraints... Oops!

Wed games night is due to go on it's summer hiatus but due to overbooked sporting events it'll continue for another week, will most likely be running Tempest Ragnarok restrictions and trying to work out how on earth I should set up my characters, magic continues to stymie me.  I'd ideally like a few magic missiles but the WEs lack easy access to those.  Considering dropping all mages and adding in a fighty character as my list currently lacks much in the way of hitting power that can kill characters.

In further news I might have just bought a Skaven army... Not sure I'd planned that! Saw a couple of deals going on t'internet that looked pretty good and decided I'd stick in some offers and picked up something like 250+ skaven plus a few of the toys.  Add that to the 40 IoB skaven I dipped just to see how they'd come out I'm now pretty sorted for an army! 

Will need to revisit my schedule of what I'm going to work on as I've agreed to join in a painting/gaming event down the club to paint up a 40k army.  I've an old box of eldar stuff kicking about in my cellar that I'd got dirt cheap and intended to paint up but never got round to, so this will hopefully get me started.  I'm not a massive fan of 40k, played about 5 games of the current edition and generally found it a bit meh.  I think it's largely because the whole tanks generally trump infantry thing and my lack of desire to work on tanks.  But Eldar are sweet models and it should give me a chance to get my airbrush going again so no bad thing.

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