Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gaming Updates

Resalised I've missed off the last few games I've played.  After a slightly slow start with my Tempest List I've been tweaking it slowly and finally starting to get to where I want it.

List is:
Spellsinger Lvl 4 - Beasts, fireball ring, wand of reroll dispel dice
Lord - Bow of loren arcane bodkins (4 S3 no AS shots), 2+ ward save once on 1 wound
BSB, hail of doom (gets to keep his bow under the comp)

10 Glade Guard, FC, BoEF
10 Glade Guard, FC
10 Glade Guard, FC
11 Dryads - Champ
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
6 Scouts

4 Treekin - Champ
4 Treekin - Champ
3 Warhawks

6 Waywatchers

A nice mix of various bits and not doing the whole eat my massive horde unit tactic.

Skaven - Quite heavily restricted under the pack
lvl 4 bell, Abom, 1 WLC, no storm banner, no doom rocket, 2 x slaves (max 40s), 2 x 30 clanrats, 20 giant rats, warlock -brass orb, BSB, 30 Plague monks & plague priests lvl 1. 9 Censer bearers. 1 ratling gun, 1 Warp fire thrower. 24 Night runners and a grinder team. 6 gutter runners

Was the random deployment mission and his bell went in one corner which stuffed him up a little, but everything else went where he wanted pretty much, so not too bad in the end, he basically loaded up everything within the bells ld bubble and then put the monks, abom to the far side and then just shoved it forwards. His night runners sat right beside my character block (they didn't turn up until T6 and that was a misfire which killed half of them and I had the treeman sat on the marker so they got beaten up for their troubles, oh dear!).

My list did it's usual thing of being spread out across the entire baseline but all the archers ended up pretty well grouped and I dumped all my characters in one unit as my first deployment to give me some control over them.

Basically it was one of those games where the skaven toys didn't work much and I was able to kill his abom with my first turn of shooting (it should on averages).  I was then able to swing one flank and draw back on my other flank keeping most stuff out of combat.  Without the Abom or furnace skaven can't deal with the treekin in combat so I was able to push those up at him and really block him up.  The censer bearers got to play with dryads and the volume of attacks means I dropped them to 3 thus removing their combat efficiency so the only remaining threat was magic and the WLC.  The treeman did nothing all game except sit on the night runners marker until they appeared, without that he'd have been doing horrible things to his units.

So under these restrictions skaven are quite a nice matchup.

Next was lizardmen, generally a horrible match up.  This is why I have the waywatchers in the list.  The kiling blow shots means he has to keep the scar vets in his units or I can pick them off.  Without them he can meanace me with the scar vets who I generally can't touch.

I was able to force him to hold off which let me shoot his skrox unit to bits, he sacrificed his chameleons to get a unit of treekin but that let me get a saurus block too by charging the second unit in.  Not the best of trades but I also got the scar vet as a result because he was left exposed after combat which meant I could killing blow him with the waywatchers so about neutral on points.  I thought I was up early when I cast the big amber spear into his steg only to hit the steg and get a 1 to wound.  Very frustrating.  Eventally took the steg down but he got my treeman at the same time.  I sacrificed some dryads and couldn't kill off enough of his chaff to force a win but did eventally get the Skink krox unit through a bit of luck, otherwise he'd have had my bsb and probably the win.  Ended up a draw with ~30 vps in my favour.

Finally felt like the army was starting to click.  What I can't decide between are the 3 warhawks vs a unit of wild riders.  Both are very flexible but is fly better than the combat of the wild riders, not sure.

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