Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tempest Rising Practice

So back on the tournament preperation bandwagon.  Tempest Ragnarok is the third in a highly popular line of very heavily restricted tournaments.  It aims to balance out a lot of the armies and remove a lot of the tricks from the game to help reward good generalship.  Obviouly the reality is that not all armies are equal even under the restrictions but it makes for a very fun tournament.

So my practice game was against the much abused Tomb Kings, the big losers to 8th Edition.  Only my opponent has been playing them solidly since it came out and hasn't had the best of results but certainly knows the army well and it makes for fun games.  The big impact of Tempest comp this time round is mages aren't adding their wizard levels to casting attempts, for normal armies it's not too bad, but against TK it makes a massive difference.  Their incants go off regardless and even on the 1 dice incants a high roll leaves you needing to throw a couple of dice at it, combine that with the wizarding hat and you've got a horrible phase to face!

I'm not going to go into a full report here but had a very fun, if a little bit frustrating game which ended up in a tie.  Basically we killed off all the cheap stuff in each others armies and the characters and expensive units all survived.  I had some dice nightmares in the middle of the game which probably cost me the win, lots of fluffed attacks followed by lots of failed painc and rally rolls.  My opponent played it well and kept the pressure on me from the start of the game and I was slack in advancing some of my units which cost me on one flank but generally I felt I dealt well with his bigger threats forcing them to stand off me.

Also tried beast magic for the first time and to be honest it achieved pretty much nothing, but the magic rules as they are I think that will tend to be the case.  If I had the option I'd probably go with a damage oriented lore as they tend to be cheaper to cast and with multiple spells you'll get something through.  As it was I really struggled to get any spells off which had much of an impact.  Time will tell and more practice is needed.

More painting on the Epic stuff has taken place and also finished of the Judge for my Malifaux crew.  Now putting some work onto my WEs just to get all the units I'm going to use for tempest done up to an acceptable standard and then build some movement trays for the current unit sizes.

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