Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 2

Not a lot of progress this week, a bit of prep work for Tempest III down the club on Wed saw my WE face off against Trevs lizards.  Due to the unusual comp restriction of not adding your magic level to spells I decided to ditch the level 4 and mess about with treesinging, turns out that didn't work out well, partly because of the random deployment scenario and his haivng the life awakening of the woods meant I generally stayed out of the trees so it was all a wasted opportunity.

The game was a bit one sided, basically I couldnt' deal with his saurus heroes and they tied up a couple of my units until his army could smash home.  I still made a bunch of mistakes with my treeman and left my treekin a little bit exposed but the random deployment forced my hand on that one.

So totally reconsidering how I'll run the list again. Ho hum.

Painting I picked up an Epic Eldar army for ~50% of retail from a guy selling out of it at the club so have been having a play about with that.  Not a clue what makes up a good force so been doing some reading and coming up with a paint scheme.  Over the weekend I painted up:
8 Stands of Guardians
4 Wave serpents
2 stands of Dark Reapers
2 stands of Warp Spiders
1 Nightwing
1 Phoenix Bomber
1 Vampire

So that's 550 pts worth of legal units and some other stuff just to see how it looks.  Not bad start, in addition I've basecoated up another guarding formation and a falcon troupe (400 more pts).

Still reading up and trying to find some resources for what goes in a list but by the looks of it what I'm working on isn't wasted.

I'm somewhat disappointed I never started tracking what all I've painted so far this year as it's been fairly productive and think I've found the balance between sinking time into painting and spending time with the girlfriend so I won't get abuse, but lets see if that lasts! So might find one of those tally sheets and work back through my photobucket to see how I'm doing.

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