Monday, 2 February 2015

Sheffield Slaughter

This WFB event is a long lived beast indeed. 2015 was the 18th anniversary (older than one of its entrants!) and continued to make waves. 

It featured full end times goodness (save no khaine Magic) and a new and different scoring system. 

All in all I had good fun though I think that was aided by not coming up against any end times mega characters.

I played 3 new opponents and 3 id played once before over my last 5+ years of tourneys.

Here's my army:

My list was smashy fun and will definitely be coming out to play again. HE with 2 star dragons and 2 frostheart phoenixes plays a bit differently from anything I've used before (as you'd expect!) and led to a lot of things dying in all my games.

Summary of my games below for those that care about the detail.

Game 1 Woody
We put our armies in the middle, anything there was two of we took one each, then did alternating picks for the rest. Then shoved it forwards and called as many T1 charges as we could. Ended up a small win to woody because we didn’t add points and I think that was about right. Amazing fun to play and a great start to the event, can’t really comment on army matchups tho!

Game 2 Jake Corteen
Diagonal deployment meant I had to set up a bit more defensively as he had an entirely mobile army but he then just hid morathi behind a large building and purple sunned at me all game. Killed the warlock bunker and phoenixes got the dreadlord (eventually!) but he then purple sunned both dragons T5&6 having shot/magic’d off the characters. Think I had a phoenix at the end so lost 0-20. Typical avoidance DE with 3 bolt throwers (but I couldn’t really run at them due to the scenario) and it all went wrong!  Also Jake is a rather good player too, so not overly unexpected.

Game 3 Bryan Hatchett
A EK (DE) list with BoWD 10 warlocks, mage, bsb, lord. Peg cloak guy, 5 more warlocks, 24 xbows and some dar riders. Oh and 3 bolt throwers. This was the watchtower scenario so I knew if I killed the xbows I could probably win the scenario. He pushed them up and I failed a charge with a (both?) dragons so I blocked him from the building with a phoenix. On the other side tried to get the long charge on the peg with another phoenix but failed. Archers got to charge dark riders and beat them in combat, other unit got shot off in a couple of turns. Phoenix held the peg but then he charged in the bus and I fled (off table) but that stumbled both units allowing me to smash his xbows next turn with no come back. Put one dragon (prince) into the bus to let BoWD keep me there all game and just ate the characters one at a time until only BSB was left when started on the warlocks. Xbows lost 21 guys in a turn to dragon & phoenix (helped by an 11 on the breathweapon!). Game 20-0 with 3800ish vps!

Game 4 Kieran French
More Morathi DE, another warlock bunker but no pegs (yay)2x10 dark riders, 4RBTs. Was winning this comfortably having managed to get an early charge into a DR unit with a phoenix and other one on a double 6 with the mage dragon (just did it for the terror test) but then had a mega brain fart. 2xdragons, 1 phoenix (on 1 w) fighting bsb, lord, hero(1w) & lvl2 beasts (1w). I get greedy with the phoenix and try to kill both mage and hero. Mage survives and bubbles savage beasts. I take all 3 monsters off for 1500vps. Would have been a draw but he then shoots 1 RBT at long through a wood at archers, kills enough to panic, they run off table, unit within 6” of edge panics off too breaking my fortitude and he wins 12-8

Game 5 Andy Lewis Dwarfs
I had no magic by the end of my first phase (archmage ate a cannon ball his T1, lvl 1 spell eaten). Andy gives me the game by blowing up a cannon and failing a panic test on an OG stood 6” from a 1w dragon. Dragons (without riders who died horribly) & 1 phoenix eat his army as archers stand and watch. Army list was all HW&S guys so nothing about S4 barring characters meant a field day for the T6&7 stuff. 20-0

Game 6 Will Goodwin
Kairos & Friends. Afraid this falls into the category of utter non game. General dead from rain of chaos T1, table kills his dragon T2. Fire mage miscasts and unit flees off board. Phoenix dies to single gateway as I have to save dice for purple fun each turn from guy who swift reformed into building mid table T1. Archmage tries to make a game of it hunting Kairos but 4d6s4 does 1w which he wards then repeated PS, banishment & Gateway kills the dragon then her. I had a phoenix left killing the warriors in the building. I got 70 vps for archers shooting a horror unit to 1 model (who passed 5 wards over 3 rounds to survive!) and possibly forgot to check if the warriors were below 25% but who cares. Utter non game as he never needed to engage once two monsters went down so early. 5 channels & +2 dice from heardstone with that amount of magic & flexible spell choice is horrible. 0-20

So 4 20-0s (2 each way) and one close game where I totally blew a massive advantage. To be fair I could have just not committed and been guaranteed about 16 as he had no ranged threats that would have been able to target the dragons but I went for the throat because it is more fun and I was mid table mediocrity anyway.

Oh and the silly fun game vs woody.

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