Wednesday, 25 February 2015


A mere 2 years after my last malifaux tournament it looks like I'll be attending another one.

The event is Gertfaux in Bristol, helpfully being held 10 mins from where I live.  I'm actually in as the spare player but due to drop outs I'm currently playing.  Rules for this particular event is single master and 100ss pool, being sensible I should probably only write a single list and stick with it, but I'm being ambitious and I'm submitting a pool.  That said schemes and strats are pre-announced so I should really go in with a good idea of what I'm going to do and pick the crew to match.

Here is the pool I've put together, not because any of it is particularly synergistic but mostly because it's what I have painted and lets me run a bunch of stuff at different point costs and see what it all does!  I'm going to try and read the strats & schemes tonight and try to design cres for each of them, which might result in me chaning some of the pool if there are things which are entirely useless in there. 

The draw has gone up and I seem to be playing another player not on the UK rankings, so seems it will be a total 'noob' off to start the day, lets see if we can 'noobstomp' each other out of existance, or more likely only get 3 turn in as we look up the rules for everything!

 Now all I've got to do is hope that nobody else drops out and I become surplus to requirements again!

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