Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January painting

It's been an odd start to the year.  Usually January is a bit of a slow burn, takes a while to get going after the fortnight of holiday induced sloth.  But this year I have been painting like a madman!  Also been seriously ill and working from home, could the two have a correlation...

First off Epic:

So most of the army was done in 2014, but I smashed out the last 15ish figures in 2015 to get it over the line.  I then picked up a few more trades to get my hands on some more aspects, wraithguard and jetbikes because I wanted to be able to use the army as forces other than Biel-Tan so Saim-haan and Iyanden were the obviously 'different' lists to aim for.

Then with the Epic army done and basing in the glory of another army completed I turned my attention to the next upcoming WFB tournament.  Back in October I wrote a list I thought would be fun to play for this, it's also potentially a bit nasty but hopefully not too awful (we shall see).  I had to paint 22 archers for this, a mage and I built & painted the second phoenix too, it's a conversion using the IoB griffon and the spare parts from the phoenix box for the one I'd already built.  They're intended for a flame phoenix but the real difference is paintjob so did nicely for giving me a 2 for 1 special with a model which would otherwise never make it into my army!

As it turns out the event is going to be a total filth fest so even what I consider 'nasty' is likely to be sub optimal.  But it's one I'm really going to for the social.

Still only mid way through January and I've painted over 40 models!  The last ones being for Malifaux (an illuminated not pictured plus Levi and the Desolation Engine).  As ever their models are such fun to paint and so quick to paint that this was an utter pleasure. 

[EDIT] Update to the end of January and I got to 50 models painted.

High Elves - 23 (1 mage and 22 archers)
Epic Eldar - 20 (assorted inf & tanks)
Malifaux - Levi, Rusty, Waif & Des engine), Tannen & Illuminated
Warmachine - Boomhowler Troll


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