Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 resolutions summed up

So 2014, I said I would:
1. Buy less than 25 models (the mrs said 10 so may try for that but suspect I'll fail with a few bits I want to add to make a HE army). 
Epic fail, over 200

2. Finish painting the last of my TK figs. Not many left about 20 I think. 
Done and then picked up a few more! 

3. Finish my Brets to 2400pts, finish all the models I have for them (again less than 20). 
Painted but still not based. 

4. Paint my HE army. Very specific build planned and have most of the models for it so not too much conflict with 1.
Success/Failure.  The build I painted changed and haven't done some of the original stuff yet, but have painted about 3500-4000pts worth of stuff for them.

5. Get back into malifaux and finish painting all my stuff (7-10 figs for guild/neverborn)
Kinda success. Painted everything. But only played 2 games. Bought a bunch more tho. 

6. Strip the rest of the CD stuff I bought and paint up a few units. (Not committing to a playable army this year as purchases would be needed).
Stripped but otherwise untouched. 

7. Empire or DE 'should' be next army I target as have majority of both owned, commit to painting without buying for either to continue to build them up. 
Ended up doing HE and WoC instead so rolled forwards!

8. Improve the quality of a specific 2400 pts WE list to target a paint nomination at an event (if I get to any). 
Done and got a second best at an event. 

Overall a fairly successful year in actually doing what I set out to do. Also painted close on 300 figures again so not quite one a day but still a good effort. 

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