Friday, 30 September 2011

Malifaux updates

Having done the two crews for the guild and a couple of support guys I decided I wanted to paint something a bit different and branch out.

Of the guys down my club who play there is:
Me -Lady J, Sonnia
Graeme - Perdita
Jon - Collette (and another but forget who as he's not used them yet)
Trev - Rasputina
Dale - Kirai
Tim - Seamus & Sommer

Therefore leaving a nice big Neverborn shaped gap.  So I decided to put that right (and apparently they're dead good too!)

First up was who to buy, a quick look through at the masters
Pandora - Oh my god what a horrible crew (actually a guy down the club owns them but he's thrown a hissy fit claiming the rules are rubbish and don't work) totally about stimeying your opponent from doing anything, not really how I want to play.
Lilith - Massive beatstick, so a bit like lady J, who I've already got
Zoraida - Umm, so I make your guys do stuff or alteratively fly 20 odd inches in a turn, ok sounds good to me! Plus I love the dolls thing and the flexibility to take all sorts of different models, in no way at all with that result in me having a vast collection...
Dreamer - Aparently ridiculously good in the game, love the background story.  His models didn't look that cool though other than the stitched.
Collodi - More dolls, not necessarily sold on him, suspect the rules may take some getting used to but double teamed with Zoraida could be fun.

So one obvious winner - Lady Z but as it happens someone on a forum was selling off the Dreamer box and a Collodi box too so ended up buying all three (actually also tried to buy Pandora and Lilith boxes too but got ripped off by someone claiming it got lost in the post).

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