Monday, 24 October 2011

Club Hobby Guru

The last couple of weeks saw me get somewhat hobby distracted.  I flipped back to my WE in order to get some updates done for a silly list I was wanting to take for a tournament in late November, but it's now looking like I'm not going to be able to attend.

But progress was made, I painted a forest dragon and 13 more glade riders (I now have 20 in total, yes, I know they're rubbish).

But then I hit the wall a little but playing a game vs Jon (a clubmate) with his brand new Ogres in the classic grey plastic scheme.  He's dedicated to painting them up though so we were chatting paint schemes.  I very tounge in cheek suggested he go for a night time scheme.  There are a number of 'source lit' night time armies, mostly VC, floating about in the UK tournament scene.  The majority of them look 'ok' but nothing special in my eyes.  So in suggesting this I was saying 'spray black, dust with lighter colour 'claim it's done'...

We then got onto more serious schemes and how easy it would be to paint an ogre army using current techniques.  Total army is 6 bulls, 6-8 iron guts, 4 lead belchers, 3 characters, 4 mournfangs, iron blaster and 3 sabretusks.  Model count is very low, so that's the first tick.  Models themseleves are quite big and simple, so painting between the lines is quite easy and they don't have a lot of unnecessary detail on them, so you're not wasting time on intricate stuff people will never look at!

Discussion then turned to how to make them look good.  As it happens there have been a few nice armies floating around with different skin tones, mostly blues, but I'd seen a beasts army with a very effective red skin scheme.  So I suggested that.  Jon was thinking black trousers but that's quite a tricky paint scheme so I suggested grey and after that it's really only metals and leather.

With that set I went away and dug out the 4 ogre models I'd bought thinking I might use them in a WoC project which I then shelved (and sold on recently).  I then tried to work out the quickest possible way of painting them.  To be clear Jon doesn't really enjoy painting and wanted a few pointers on how to go about it, I didn't just steal his scheme!

So speed being the call of the day with a tournament in a months time
1. Red skin - that'd be a trip to halfords for their red primer
2. Grey trousers - foundation grey - astrimonicon I think
3.  Iyander darksun for the leather basecoat
4. Boltgun metal

Everything then got a black wash and a few highlights reapplied to the red and metals before basing.

Really simple and quite effective.  Over to Jon now to roll it out across an army.

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