Monday, 29 August 2011

ETC - Team Scotland

The ETC has come and gone, I'm just about recovered from the burn out and as with the last time, it was awesome.

Montreux was spectacularly beautiful, I'm somewhat gutted that I didn't spend more time just wandering around it enjoying the sights.  Anyways rambling over onto the event, hall was basically in an underground car park on a conference centre, it was pretty much perfect for our needs, lots of space, nice and cool given the outside temp of 30+ degrees.

I won't go heavily into the results, they can be seen elsehwere and most people won't care, but that said for my personal records
Round 1 - Denmark - Daemons
Round 2 - Serbia - WoC
Round 3 - Croatia - Daemons
Round 4 - Sweden - WoC
Round 5 - Ireland - Lizards
Round 6 - Wales - High Elves

All opponents were awesome fun and the games were great, the team all seemed to have a great time and everyone wants to come back again!  This really is an event unlike any other there are so many like minded people in the room all doing the same thing, plus the fact I was blind drunk for large parts of the weekend...

Oh and one more thing, I've been voted in as captain for next year... Eeek!

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