Friday, 12 August 2011

Wow, how time flies!

So following on from my 6 nations ragequit of the dwarfs I've been frantically painting up TK.  The good thing about that is it exposed me to all the new kits they released and wow are they great.  GW really smash it out the park when it comes to big plastic kits and the TK take this and run with it.

I've got 2 Spinx and 8 Necroknights done and I really want to add a necrosphinx now too just to complete the lot, unfortunately the Sepultural stalkers don't have a place in my army so they won't be showing up any time soon.

Also got my hands on some finecast, turns out GW aren't total muppets, after some teething issues with their initial release they've brought out a slew of stuff which has all been top notch quality and I've heard none of the whining that there was about bubbles and issues from the initial release.

I've got a casket (it's so light it's amazing) so instantly magnetised up the crew as they weigh so little I've no worries about them snapping off.  Now picked up a lich priest to go with that too, not a massive fan of the pose of the model but wow is the detail great and worth bearing in mind the older sculpts weren't built with fincast in mind where this guy has been, it really shows I think.

Complete army was painted in around a month so by a mile my fastest ever project.  Doesn't look amazing but I'd say it's a decent tabletop standard.

Now can relax for a while and enjoy the army but painting it has got me quite motivated to crack on with my next project.  I decided to go back to Malifaux for a while and paint up Zoridas crew, I've started work on the first silurid.  As ever Malifaux figs are just great fun to paint so blasted through it in short order.

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