Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Painting Updates

Last update was a while ago but the last few months I've mostly been working on a mix of Guild Ball and Malifaux.  Having great fun painting these guys, with the death of WFB it knocked my desire to paint anything for that system so focus has definitely been elsewhere, but once all the 'faux and Guild Ball is complete I'll probably pull some back out.

Guildball Teams:

 photo B4327544-7C49-4FE7-9432-8DE3D748EE31_zpszydldxjq.jpg

 photo 7D6F3B3C-098D-4DB5-88A1-A12886210E56_zpsvmo85nab.jpg


More Union!





 photo B403E940-CB66-4ED9-9C19-A86FCD9E4305_zps5uynyyrd.jpg

 photo FF539069-FA25-41B7-BF64-0791D4B39836_zpskcdvhbwd.jpg
Guild Guard


 photo B662535D-3837-4210-B1BC-A794FBF80864_zps3fpdtkqc.jpg
Friecorp Specialist & Mech Attendant


 photo 8B20DF34-66E8-4B91-ADDE-363B98F54951_zpsctrn18gn.jpg
Fransisco Alt (Reaper Bones model)

Eldar Revenants


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