Wednesday, 15 July 2015

NY resolutions - 6m update

Ok so we're now half way through the year. After a blistering start (see my Q1 Resolution Achievements) Q2 has been far slower but still productive. 

My main focus has been Guild Ball for the last couple of months and I've built all 5 teams I kickstarted and painted my Butchers and Union and started on the Alchemists. So that takes me beyond my resolution goal of all built and 1 team painted.  I've now decided to sell the Morticians, not that I don't like them but I've got too many teams that I'll not get round to playing in the near future and I had a mate who wanted into the game with them so it just made sense.  Fishermen might also follow as Alchemists are likely to be my 'speed' team.

With the changes to Warhammer Fantasy, which has been a mess of rumours for months and finally is coming out as a vastly changed game, I've basically ditched those resolutions but do think I'll still paint a bunch of those models at some point as I'm sure they'll have a use but waiting till I know a bit about the army organisation in the new game before I commit to anything.  So clock that resolution up as a FAIL already but mitigating circumstances.

That leaves me with Malifaux as my biggest outstanding resolution. I've got everything bar a couple of Lynch's lot (need stripped) built and undercoated so I've been pulling some out and slapping on paint to get me going with them.  As ever I really enjoy painting these models when I get the chance but as I'm not really playing the game just now it's not been a high priority for me.

Malifaux has taken a back seat again so I've not had the same motivation to paint it, I think it might be because I'm not that fussed about the remaining crews (Lynch & Hoffman). The robots are easy to paint in the scheme is come up with so they've been a great starting place. I've also got a few mercs to fit into existing crews that I'll get going on too. 

So hopefully I can get focussed on finishing up this lot and that'll be me there with resolutions bar the WFB stuff. 

I might have to revisit my resolutions given the changes to my gaming.  There have been a few changes over the year as I've moved from being a very heavy WFB player through to May to not playing a single game since.  As a result I'm looking more to other games.  Sat in my cupboard I've got Warmachine (mercs), Necromunda (Van Saar), Relic Knights (Doctorine & Noh), Infinity (Adrianna) and I've backed the most recent Darkland Kickstarter (Picts & Irish) which can probably double up as Saga too.  So clearly I'm branching out hard. 

I look at the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar game and have some reservations, the rules look fine to me in general terms but it's the issue I have of potentially large model count but a skirmish movement game that puts me off.  Probably the nearest comparator I've watched played is Warmachine where some forces get up towards the 100 model mark of infantry and it just looks like a big scrum in the middle of the board and I don't really enjoy that visually or necessarily think I'm a fan of the tactical challenge.  I see it is very tactical/strategical still (both WM and AoS I'm covering with this) but it's a change of the tactics into a style I'm less interested in.  But I've not played AoS yet so will definitely give it a fair chance and I'm not giving it in yet, but I think I want to wait until a bit more has been released to properly understand where the game is going.
Hobby resolutions 2015 Q1 Update:
  • Finish epic Eldar 3000pts list – Done Q1
  • Base Brets – Done Q1
  • Paint 50pts Relic Knights – Done Q1
  • Assemble guild ball teams, paint 1 team – Done Q2
  • Paint all Malifaux figs (2 ish crew boxes plus a few) – some progress
  • Finish WoC (3 chariots, 4 skullcrushers, disclord and hell cannon) – Discontinued
  • Finish empire (10 Demis, mounted wizbang) – Discontinued

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