Monday, 30 March 2015

March painted

So at the start of March I set out the following paint queue:


10 Bret Peasant Bowmen – 10 Painted

10 Mounted Yeoman

HE Noble on eagle



1 Outcast Johan

2 Outcast Hollow Waifs


Relic Knights

3 Doctorine Acedemy Guard

1 Doctorine Delphine & Ekis

1 Doctorine Librarian

1 Doctorine Fiametta


That was having got all jazzed from playing in a couple of 1 day events.  Well I say that, the Brets are there to get done for a tourney in April so were always going to bump towards the front of the queue.


So I’ve gotten there with the Brets, list submitted ended up not using the Yeomen but they’re getting taken to an event in May so it’s not wasted, as using Fireforge models I’ve ended up doing 12 of them too as that’s how many come in a box.


I got basecoats down on the waifs but they’ve stalled, dunno why but I just cant bring myself to finish them off despite quite liking the models, I’m sure the mood will take me soon enough.  Johan was a pleasure to paint though.  Lovely flesh, a wonderful flowing cloak just screaming out for a load of work in blending/layering, but still not quite got round to finishing the details on him, just need to add eyes, a tiny amount more definition to the flesh and the base.


Relic Knights

These guys have been awesome fun to paint, a bright vibrant colour scheme that looks different to most other things I’ve painted for years.  Happily ticked off my new years resolution too of getting 50pts painted.  I actually enjoyed it so much I bought another faction for the game which was being sold off by someone I know!  Admittedly I did pick out most of the bigger cooler figures but about half the 30mm based stuff doesn’t look bad to paint either, sadly the prefects unit looks like it will just be a pain, so will likely languish in a box for a while.


April Painting target

At the time of writing Guild Ball has confirmed that shipping is to commence today so I’ll hopefully have some shiny new models to paint up for that.  If they come in time I’m very tempted to try and get them done for a trial game in the evenings at the when at the WFB tourney I mentioned above.  Also I’d like to try and see if I can get a painted team before the shipping reaches the US as a challenge mentioned on twitter when talking to a podcaster over there!  If achieved that would be another new years resolution succeeded.


After that I dunno what will take my fancy, I’m half tempted to do a bunch of ethereal stuff to summon into an undead legion army and a vamp or two to take with the list.  That is probably pretty quick and easy to do too with the airbrush so not a massive challenge.


The probably back to my Malifaux ‘to do’ box just to try and tick off that new years resolution.


I’m not really feeling the desire to start work on my Empire army with all the changes going on in WFB so I’ll possibly shelve that resolution.  Really it’s just the basing that is putting me off as if all humans & dwarfs are combined then I’ll do them to match my Brets and rebase my dwarfs.  I could do some of the WoC stuff as that would help give me a better selection of models to field that army as currently it’s very limited.


Hobby resolutions 2015 Q1 Update:

Finish epic Eldar 3000pts list – Done Q1

Base Brets – Done Q1

Paint 50pts Relic Knights – Done Q1

Paint all Malifaux figs (2 ish crew boxes plus a few) – Minimal Progress

Assemble guild ball teams, paint 1 team – now received Q2 target

Finish WoC (3 chariots, 4 skullcrushers, disclord and hell cannon) - Untouched

Finish empire (10 Demis, mounted wizbang) – Tempted to can this one due to the way WFB is up in the air at the moment.  Edition change usually means new models needed for existing armies instead.

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