Monday, 9 March 2015

March Paint Queue

So in the last 2 weeks I've played 2 1 day tournaments (one Malifaux, one WFB) and this has me hugely jazzed for doing hobby stuff.  To that end I've been cracking on with painting, there are a few things on the list that I need to do for upcoming tournaments (WFB) but the rest of it is just cool figures I've pulled out my box that I really want to paint.


10 Bret Peasant Bowmen – 10 Painted
10 Mounted Yeoman
HE Noble on eagle


1 Outcast Johan
2 Outcast Hollow Waifs

Relic Knights

3 Doctorine Acedemy Guard – 1 Painted
1 Doctorine Delphine & Ekis
1 Doctorine Librarian
1 Doctorine Fiametta

So the Malifaux stuff is just continuing to work towards my goal of getting all the models I own painted up, these particularly would get me a complete levi crew once the waifs are done and then Johan who is an all round useful model apparently.

Relic Knights has been sat in a bag for a while and falls squarely into the realms of 'it looks cool' so I want to paint it and I made a 50pts force part of my NY resolutions (along with painting all the Malifaux stuff).  There are a couple of guys down the club who also backed the kickstarter so I'm trying to line up a game at some point too.

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