Monday, 27 January 2014

Winter War (Reading version update!)

So I finished 2013 tournaments by attending Winter War in Dunfermline and opened 2014 by attending Winter War in Reading.  Both 1 day tournaments, 3 games of battleline, then it diversifies a little Dumf was 2250 (just to mix it up) and un-comped, reading was 2400 and some restrictions.  Both were in the region of 50 players so up there with the bigger one day tournaments but not so big as to be really unwieldy.

Overall I think the army balance at Dumf was better than at Reading, the comp clearly missing the power of Daemons whilst hitting a few other armies, so un-comped actually allowed a more balanced field.

Both held at Community type venues, so nice locations for events, Reading had a bar, where Dumf had better food facilities with a sort of kitchen thing on the go.  Reading takes the win at the tables with the extra 6” round the side to dump junk on but Dumf had the better scenery, the stuff at Reading was a combination of badly placed (nothing in the middle of the table) and pretty ineffectual for what it was (low hills that don’t block LoS, woods & difficult ground on the whole) so combat armies at a real advantage.

My results also flip flopped between the two, Dumf I came 7th pushing daemons around and Reading 49th (6th bottom) with TK.  A fine combination of Daemons being far better than TK in general and matchups (the daemons flier army got to run at a dwarf gunline, who they should smash most of the time! The TK got Ogres with the biggest gutstar in existence!).

My Reading  games were a fantastic fun monster mash WoC list featuring Scyla, Kholek, a giant and a shaggoth plus a bunch of other things running across the table at me! A fairly standard skaven list from a couple of years ago with a bit of everything and an Ogre list that was the most character heavy deathstar I’ve ever faced. Results were big loss, small win, big loss.

Both really fun events, was able to catch up with friends from the tourney scene I’d not seen for a while at each and that’s pretty much the main reason for doing these things!

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