Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years resolutions

Last year I never posted up my resolutions. I'm not entirely certain I made any!

This year I'll commit them to print and see how I fare. Last year was meant to be a bit of a free for all trying to finish off some projects and the likes. In reality I ended up painting 5.5k of daemons after everyone said the new book wasn't all that strong, they lied. Also painted just short of 2k of Brets but never finished them off and sundry other bits. 

Specifically wasn't doing the model a day challenge but come the end of the year I only missed it by about 10 figs. 

So 2014, what to do?
1. Buy less than 25 models (the mrs said 10 so may try for that but suspect I'll fail with a few bits I want to add to make a HE army). 
2. Finish painting the last of my TK figs. Not many left about 20 I think. 
3. Finish my Brets to 2400pts, finish all the models I have for them (again less than 20). 
4. Paint my HE army. Very specific build planned and have most of the models for it so not too much conflict with 1.
5. Get back into malifaux and finish painting all my stuff (7-10 figs for guild/neverborn)
6. Strip the rest of the CD stuff I bought and paint up a few units. (Not committing to a playable army this year as purchases would be needed).
7. Empire or DE 'should' be next army I target as have majority of both owned, commit to painting without buying for either to continue to build them up. 
8. Improve the quality of a specific 2400 pts WE list to target a paint nomination at an event (if I get to any). 

With writing it all down it feels rather a lot, so suspect some will fall by the wayside. But as ever there is still a mountain of models waiting in the wings to full their place. 

My only real aim is to start eating into the unpainted mountain, which is big enough to last the rest of my life I'm sure! How that happens is somewhat irrelevant right now but I generally find an army focus helps with getting a volume if stuff done. 

Motivation is high but time is a massive premium so will just have to see how it goes and try to ensure I enjoy my painting. 

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