Thursday, 2 August 2012

Warhammer Wanes, Malifaux waxes

So recently my appetite for all things Warhammer has been on a downwards spiral, this is no doubt in part driven by the fact I've spent months preparing for the Warhammer ETC being held in Poland this year but I'm not actually going.

Having become team captain at the event last year I was looking forward to it immensely but then life did it's usual thing of changing plans and with child number 1 due in September I've ended up arranging not to go myself but still doing a load of the admin work for the 8 players who are going.  Not something that particularly bothers me but now that it's all done and out the way there's nothing else for me to do other than wish the guys luck and find something to fill my time.

I briefly filled that space by churning out a unit of 40 stormvermin for my skaven army which I was lending out to Mark Wildman for the Midlands Open event, again an event I wasn't going to (due to being on holiday), seems the army performed well enough in the hands of a competent player and he came in the top 20 (80 odd player event).

The next few models I then painted were Malifaux figures.  I'd been a bit naughty and broken my own rule of only buying new figs once all the old ones were complete but I did it to get some stuff cheap so at least it was for a good reason.  But because of that I had a bit of a backlog of figures kicking around which I really don't want to happen for another game system!  So I got to painting a few of them.  Months ago I'd primed a guild guard white but then been stuck for a paint scheme, well I came back to him and hit some inspiration which allowed me to quickly bash out the model.  After that I remembered what a joy Malifaux figures were to paint.  So I dug out a couple more in this case both single piece models in the Convict Gunslinger (who I'd traded for the limited edition Miss Demeanor gunslinger as I didn't like her model) and the Doppleganger.  Again both of them flew off my brush at a  rate of knots and I was very happy with the final products.

Finally I started work on Avatar Zoraida, now the avatars are something I've not been entirely sold on.  With the game being pretty complex I've never been entirely on top of the rules interactions as it was, so adding in a model with 2 sides of rules which determine purely how you can put it on the table I felt it might be a bit of overkill.  But the model is kind of nice and apparently it's stupidly good in game!  I like the figure of the model and the tree is ok, but the swamp thing (bad Juju) doesn't really do anything for me.  So I'm part way through painting that and I'm happy with how it's going but that's got my juices going for painting up the rest of my Wyrd stuff.

Currently I've got 1 guild guard, 1 austringer, 3 wicked dolls, Lelu and Liletu sat unpainted in boxes (and yes that's my 2nd lelu&liletu because I'm a filthy power gamer!).  Plus I've also got the nightmare edition Lady J box and nightmare Teddy sat waiting but they're a bit special so I'm not sure if I'll get round to them any time soon.

All of this has me back on the Wyrd forums and taking an interest again which is pretty dangerous given we're just before Gencon and they'll be releasingt he next wave of 000's of models shortly!

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