Wednesday, 4 July 2012

40k 6th Edition Bandwagoning

So everywhere in gaming geekland there has been a bit of a buzz around the release of the new rules for Warhammer 40k.  I've not bought them, nor do I plan on, I'll pick up the box set when it drops in 3 months time.

But getting in on that buzz I did get tempted to pick up a few space marines which I'd never finished up to include in my army of old.  I'd started work on one of these guys but never got as far as highlighting him up.  The rest of the unit was just undercoated and sprayed a bone colour.  So I dug them out (discovered I'd lost one of the shield arms annoyingly) and finished them off.

Also got a few more figs kicking about, 4 guys with power weapons which were designed to be a combat command squad and a landspeeder which are in various states of preperation so might try and get them all done up too.  From the sounds of it my somewhat less mechanised army isn't too bad under the new ruleset so hopefully can enjoy this edition a bit more than last.

Realise I forgot to attach the picture to the end of that last article too, so here's a quick shot of the pump wagon in its final splendor.

Also up to 30 savage orcs painted now, just need to buy the final 10 and then I can have the unit complete, but plenty to be doing in the meantime as received my trolls from reaper miniatures, so can get to work on them along with the multitude of chariots and warmachines I've still got to do.

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