Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Squee! It's here!!!

For those that have not noticed the murmers of joy from those of us based in the UK the Relic Knights kickstarter has finally delivered to their UK backers (and presumably all of Europe but I can't confirm this).

I checked back to my original order and aside from the fact that they have repackaged a bunch of the models to be in different groupings from that setout in the original kickstarter pledges it does seem that I've received everything I'd ordered.  Though I've been warned to check through all the boxes and make sure they all have the correct parts as there are some rumours that the Ceri Speed Circuit boxes were missing some bits.

I'd backed to the tune of two factions, but one of those is being passed onwards to a mate, the ceri are his, and I'm left with the Doctorine.  On a quick scan of the hardback rulebook (full colour, A4, appears great quality) it seems there are 3 doctorine units in the book which I don't own, I must have either missed them being in the KS or they were never included as I'd thought I'd bought the full faction.  That said it's no big deal I should have plenty to be going on with.

Opening thoughts, the wait has clearly been well spent by them, this wasn't just a few restic models tossed in a box, this was a full retail packaged set of figs, counters, mini-rulebooks, cards etc.  The finish on everything looks great and maintains that awesome anime look that got me to invest in the first place. 

That said it is restic models so not the finest of materials to work with, I've only pulled out 4 figs so far and to give them their due the mold lines have been pretty easy to remove and haven't resulted in chopping off large chunks of detail so can't complain but still less fun than working with 'proper' plastics.  But the sculpting being bold animi stylings mean there isn't too much fine detail on the ones I've looked at thus far so hopefully it will remain the case that the material isn't a detriment to the quality.

I'll post up some more thoughts once I've got everything built and cleaned up.

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