Monday, 26 August 2013

A long time coming

So an update has been a long time overdue for a few reasons. Firstly my work still use IE version 5 or something which is now utterly incompatible with any functionality making posting during lunch breaks nigh impossible. Add on top of that the blogger app hiding any photo functionality (it may have been there I just didn't spot it) I decided against adding further walls of text!

But that is now changed as I've seen how to attach photos:

See! And with this I can confirm great progress on my daemon army, its now over 4000pts strong and growing. 

So what else have I been up to? Not much gaming, at last count I was on about 14 games for the year, way down on my average. But the painting has been going strong and alongside the daemons I've been doing a bunch of empire stuff and have enough for a fairly sizeable army these days. 

So just need to get painting on that next but must go back and finish off the bret army I was working on, I did all the core knights and just need to finish a unit of grails and some pegs for the full force of the usual netlist stylee.  Zero desire to play them though so will just gather dust for a while and see when they get a new book if I like the look of them. 

Overview of armies:
Brets - mostly done 
Dwarfs - done, want a new book because they are boring. 
Daemons - plenty still to paint but basically done
Dark elves - sat in a box, got distracted from project, rumours of a new book anyway. 
Empire - bought lots, painted little! Next big project I think. 
High elves - got lots of stuff but not an army as no white lions, dragon princes or all things Phoenix. 
Lizards - new book adds some units but in no rush to try them, painting up cold ones for cav bus list as a laugh. 
O&G - happy with how they look but still missing a few options. Gameplay a bit meh, turns out they are pretty defensive. 
Skaven - done, not all options and some bits still to paint if I ever go back. Never really gotten into playing them. 
Tomb kings - should really finish them off, not much still to do. 
Warriors - buying up some options but only painted the one unit. 
Woodies - really want to improve the paintjob across the army so must finish all other projects first!

So there we go, 12/16 armies covered, missing are:
Beastmen, chaos dwarfs, ogres and vampires. Mostly my least favourite armies for various reasons but I did a few beast men figs as plaguebearers so reckon I could churn them out. CD are a low model, quick army, same for ogres which leaves VC. Team Sco really needs an army for them but its the one I have least interest in doing, lots of models, but mostly dull stuff. 

2013 appears to have been the year of cavalry for me, Brets, mounted empire, HE shore riders, TK cav of both varieties all getting time on the painting table. But daemons are probably the highlight as they went from nothing to loads in a couple of months proving just what a good new book can do!

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