Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's been a while

So, it's been a bit quiet round here, I kinda got tied up with a lot of 'real life' over the past few months and hobby took a serious backseat.  Events in my life:
1. Having a kid
2. Moving house/city/transferring job

Reckon that's a detailed enough description, now back to the important stuff of Toy soldiers!

My desire to own/paint every army for WFB is still the same as ever, I want's em.  Currently on the chopping block are the Bretonnians.  I'd done a bunch of work adding units to some other armies and branched out for a bit but then got bored so started on the Brets.  I've now got most of the army well under progress and hopefully will get it churned out first half of the year.  Also added a bunch of units to my TK army and will be running them out at a tournament soon so need to finish a few more off just for completeness as soon I'll have every unit out of the book available and in pretty decent numbers too.

Malifaux - totally gone on the back burner, I still love the game and the models but lack any opponents with my move of location, no bad thing but I do still have a heap of models to get painted up.

Warmachine - Again back burnered, though in all honesty it was never really much further forward than this!

40k - Eldar are grinding along slowly in the background, hit a bit of wall with them too so they've not come out the box in the new house but I do have a solid start to a force with standard HQ & Troops choices available.

Other thing I'm doing is a commission infinity army/team/crew/squad as someone asked nicely with a pretty please! Really nice models with a great amount of detail though it's quite fine so could be easily clogged.

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