Monday, 18 June 2012

Yup the woodies came back out for a bit of a scrap this weekend.  As you'd expect with woodies under 8th edition there was the standard filth as follows:

Treeman Ancient, lvl 4 Life - scroll
Noble BSB MR3, Noble on Eagle 3+ ward vs non magical, dragonhelm, LA, Shield and Spear, branchwraith
3 x 5 glade riders - Musos
2 x 8 dryads
10 archers, muso
8 wardancers
2 treemen.

As I said, standard netlist filth...

What does the army do, basically runs about a lot and hides if there is any sensible terrain on the board. 

Event was a 1 dayer up in Dunfermiline with some heavy comp restrictions as follows:
You get a look out sir versus dwellers etc and if you fail it's still only 1 wound.
Battleline scenario used for all 3 games.

Yeah that's it for restrictions.

So what did I face?

G1 Russell GIfford - Empire.
Russell is a relatively new player, I faced him at his first ever tournament in November last year when he was also using Empire, but has a new book now.

His list
lvl 4 fire, lvl 2 death
3 x 11 Knights, FC all with a warrior priest in them (varying armaments)
3 x 6 pistoliers
2 cannons
1 steam tank

So basically a  wall of 1+ armour, ideal when you've got a small amount of S3 shooting...  Thankfully terrain gave me a great big hill to hide behind, so I obliged. with 2 treemen and the third was put out as cannonball bait (nowhere left to hide him)  Everything else did the skirmishy/vanguardy thing to threaten his cannons and avoid the tank.

He got T1 and pushed it forwards, 2 x 5+ ward saves later I'd taken no wounds from the cannons and nothing else did owt (fireball & something else at treemen did no wounds and dispelled one of them).

My T1 because I'd vanguarded forwards but went second 1 unit of glade riders charged some pistoliers, took zero wounds on S&S and butchered them, running the last couple down.  Magic I 6 diced dwellers on a unit of knights killing half but losing 3 levels in the process leaving me with awakening of the woods... Not so good. But the knights failed their LD 8 test and ran off (winner!).  Shooting killed another unit of pistoliers through concentrated fire.

T2 his tank misfired and lost all steam points which was a bonus (1/6 failed so perfectly average this game).  Knights failed to rally and ran to the table edge (1/2" on but I had an eagle rider in charge range so just shepparded him off in my turn. Mage did no wounds to treeman with medium fireball and I let off flame cage on a unit of dryads (needed to move them but worried about the death magic) cannons did 3 wounds to a treeman but that was all.

My 2 I charged 1 cannon and ran the knight unit off, dryads pushed up to threaten the other cannon but I knew they'd never make it due to a looming knight unit.  Moved my dryads only for him to roll 4+ on all 8 dice for flamecage and take the unit off!  With 1 cannon down I pulled out the 2 other treemen to threaten, magic was a double 6 phase so I did some treesinging!

T3 he faced one unit of knights at the remaining dryads and the other failed a swift reform allowing me to get a treeman in front of them to block his advance.  Magic he double 6'd bhuna on the branchwraith followed by a 3 on the 2d6 for zero wounds and took a wound of 1 priest and both mages. cannon wounded another treeman but only 1 wound.

I put 2 glade rider units into threaten his cannon and charged the dryads into the knights to kill the death mage.  3 treemen setup to trap the knight unit that failed it's reform the turn before if he charged in.  Kill the mage but nowt else and flee

T4 he charged the wounded treeman, did 2 wounds but couldn't finish him off.  I clobbered the warrior priest in return and passed the break test on my bsb reroll.  other knights ran the dryads & branchwraith off the board.

both glade riders fail their charge on the cannon only needing a 9 & 8 but both treemen charge the knights in combat with 1 tree.  I smash his lvl 4 and then he passes 7 of 8 armour saves but the unit was still testing on a 3 because he was in a wood so not steadfast.  He passed of course.

T5 tank tries to countercharge the treeman ancient but rolls 6 on the 3 dice and I get away with it.  pistoliers shoot off 1 unit of glade riders, finally the knights break from combat and I run them down.

I charge the cannon with the last unit of glade riders and everything else runs away to hide from the tank.  Kill the cannon and overrun but still in range of pistoliers who shoot them all dead in T6.

My T6, I do nothing and game ends with a 14-6 to me (200pts brackets in this event)

Really hard work with all that armour but I took the easy points where I could and suckered him into exposing his knight units piecemeal so I could deal with them (though the dwellers helped massively here).

G 2 Lizardmen - Trev Moffat (who I play all the time)

Light slann - loremaster, ruminating, becalming, cupped hands
Temple guard
2 x skrox
Engine of the gods
2 x 1 salamanders
2 x 5 chameleons
2 x 10 skinks

Think that was about it.

Basically game was 4 large parts of impassable terrain in each quarter, I was able to dance up one side and turn the game into battle for the pass!  Treemen went into the engine and I forgot one was the ancient so he challgenged and the 2nd one couldn't fight.  Light magic buffs went off but counterbalanced by my rehealing wounds with lifebloom and regrowth so eventually I won the grind.  He killed archers and 2 x units of glade riders with zaps and rocks.  I got 2 x chamos with a treeman, a unit of dons and the engine in T6.

11-9 to me.

Game 3 Tim Gronneberg - Dark Elves
Basically he had my army but better because it's DE.  Dragon, pendant BSB on Peg, noble on Peg, 3 x 6 dark riders, 2 x 6 shades, 1x5 shades, 20 ish spears, 2 x 5 harpies, hydra and a RBT.

I got my setup a bit wrong and he was able to pressure me early, I lost T1 and he shot off 2 units of glade riders and I knew I was out the shooting battle.  I then proceeded to fail pretty much every break test for the rest of the game and his dragon got into my mage bunker as a result.  Should have been pinned by T6 dryads who were stubborn in a wood but failed the test so he got right through.  Treeman ancient killed the pendant BSB over 2 rounds of combat (1 wound already taken) but then broke because of dark riders in his rear and failled his stubborn test.  I was left with only my noble on eagle who was fighting his other peggy rider in a chumpfest both down to 1 wound but couldn't kill each other!

Big loss of 19-2 (weird scottish thing that you get an extra point at 19 and 20, unless you conceed you don't score zero).

So overall 2-1 win record but only good enough for 22nd place out of 30ish due to that last result. And annoyingly the other wood elf player was on the exact same points as me but more vps having played on the bottom tables game 3 and smashed a lizards player at his first event so was bottom WE too.

But that said Trev and Tim were probably two of the better players at the event so not as though I chumped my way through it and really happy with how I played on the whole.  Could have possibly done better versus Tim if I'd been more conservative but not really much chance due to his shooting being so much better than mine. (more shots for less points and higher BS with the shades).

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